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11 Signs That You Know Someone from a Past Live (Because Love is Karmic)


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Love is the most mysterious thing. We often don’t know where it comes from, only that it springs up out of nowhere and washes over us in a way we can’t control. At some point, we’ve all met someone that impacts us on a far deeper level than we ever could have imagined. Knowing how to determine if someone is a friend from a previous life can help you understand why you are drawn to that person. This will also help you see the dynamics of your relationship with them.

You believe in reincarnation and know that your soul is always with you after you die. You know that this life is just one of countless lives you’ve already lived before. With each new life, your soul learns and accumulates karma. Teaching each other is one of the best ways to learn, since relationships are the foundation of our existence here on Earth. Chances are, the people who teach you the most are the same people who have taught you in the past, as you’ve been together during many different incarnations. When you meet a lover, friend, family member or even enemy from a past life, there’s a subconscious part of you that will be able to recognize them.

Before we are even born, we communicate with our soul family to make…

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