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A flag football game resulted in the sudden death of a 16-year old girl


After experiencing chest problems, a Nevada high school student collapsed during a flag football match.

Ashari Hughes had a “medical crisis” on Thursday at Desert Oasis High School. A family member said that Ashari Hughes, 16, had chest issues and went to the sidelines in the middle of the game to rest. Ashari suddenly collapsed.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Aphelia Phifer-Hill as a registered nurse who allegedly ran to the field to give CPR on Hughes.

Phifer Hill posted on Facebook, “Today was my first ever, in all 26 years of nurse work, that I had CPR on any kid.”

Ashari lost his heartbeat and was treated with a defibrillator. Ashari died at the St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Henderson.

Hughes’ sudden passing is yet to be confirmed.

Desert Oasis High School Principal Ian Salzman announcing…

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