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3 House Republicans state they won’t vote for McCarthy as speaker


Kevin McCarthy, Republican Minority leader, may be the nominee of his party for Speaker of the House. But that doesn’t mean he is eligible to win enough votes to win. 

A few conservatives in Congress have declared that they will not vote to elect McCarthy speaker at January’s 118th Congress. Republicans have six House races that remain uncalled. This would leave McCarthy vulnerable to losing his seat as speaker if he doesn’t win all the Republican conference votes.

The GOP currently holds 218 seats – the minimum to claim a majority of the House and the number of votes needed to become House speaker. They will hold between 220 and 224 seats, so McCarthy can’t afford losing more than two to six votes during his conference to become the speaker’s candidate.

McCarthy fell over 30 votes shy from his 218 target in the nomination vote this Wednesday to become speaker. 

As it stands, there is a trio of Republican members who have publicly said that they won’t vote for McCarthy: Reps. Andy Biggs and Matt Gaetz, R.Fla. and Matt Rosendale R.Mont.


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