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Border Town in Texas: Illegal aliens discovered in back of tractor trailer


Joe Biden’s America.

This week, 84 illegal aliens were found in the back of a tractor truck in Hidalgo County in Texas.

TikTok was used by the smugglers to find drivers for their human trafficking operation.

The smugglers offered $70,000 to “someone who can drive an 18 wheeler right now” – someone should tell the traffickers that Joe Biden used to drive an 18-wheeler!

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“That is why we are experiencing an increase in human smuggling events along the border,” Texas DPS spox Christopher Olivarez told Fox News Digital. “Many individuals from larger metropolitan areas such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and even out of state are being recruited as drivers through social media platforms to smuggle illegal immigrants.”

Fox News reported:

Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies located 84 migrants on Thursday afternoon as they unloaded from a tractor trailer just 12 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border in south Texas.

The tractor trailer was reported by an concerned citizen around 15 minutes from a residence.

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