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The Bore of a Blockbuster


The original version was published thirteen years ago. Avatar It was accompanied by a tsunami media hype about the film’s budget and its groundbreaking special effects, which landed on theatre screens. James Cameron’s previous blockbusters, Terminator 2, True Lies?, and TitanicAll of these required studio executives to take on white-knuckle financial adventures. But Avatar’s The budget was $237 million (or $479 million if adjusted for inflation and marketing included; all figures US). This is a new record. The cost was so steep, in fact, that Fox, Cameron’s longtime collaborator, initially passed on the movie. (By the director’s account, a studio executive also asked Cameron, evidently without success, to “get the kind of tree-hugging hippie bullshit out of it.”)

The fact that the technology needed to shoot the first film was expensive explains the high price. Avatar the Way Cameron imagined it didn’t yet exist. And so he wasn’t just out to make a new movie; he was out to make a new way It is possible to make movies. Cameron co-developed head rigs for computer-generated imagery (CGI), with Weta Digital in New Zealand. He created stereoscopic 3D images by integrating different kinds of cameras into what came to be called a “fusion” camera system. He also created a virtual production studio, ,….

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