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Trump and MAGA have a bright future


Summer Lane, Op-ed. Photo by Alamy| Photo: Alamy

2023 is here, and along with it, a renewed sense of hope. 2022 was a busy year in midterms, with President Donald Trump holding energizing Save America rallies in unprecedented efforts to support the campaigns of many America First candidates.

2022 was a battle. It was a success in all aspects, with sites like Truth Social allowing free speech again and incredible freedom fighters such as Kari Lake from Arizona.

Trump also announced his presidential candidacy on November 20,22. He fulfilled the wishes and support of a national base of freedom-loving supporters, who have greatly missed his leadership since 2021.

What are Americans to expect as 2023 starts? 2022 was difficult for many citizens, thanks to the failed policies of Joe Biden’s administration. From rising prices on goods and services to an unnecessary war in Eastern Europe, it’s hard to believe that 2023 will offer a reprieve from Biden’s iron-fisted push toward tyranny.

It appears that 2023 will usher in a new age of conservatism.

Trump is back in campaign mode

The 45Th president hasn’t yet started holding rallies for his 2024 campaign, he has already begun to offer Americans policy plans that would save…

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