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A husband for Thanksgiving: A response to persistent prayer


Although “A Husband for Turkey” might sound like something from a Hallmark movie, this year it is a headline that I can use to describe my life. After 39 Thanksgivings as single girls, I’m finally a happy married woman.

And I could not be more thankful.

People who meet their spouses later in life or have a natural ability to do so may not realize the miracle that this is, or how difficult intentional dating can be.

Particularly if you’re terrible at it.

Dating apps allowed me to meet hundreds of men over several years, and I went on many more dates. But, the end result was nothing more than misery, exhaustion, and a lack of any other results. And I had nobody to blame except myself.

God saved me from my ineptness.

Retrospectively, I regret all my mistakes. I chose form over substance and dismissed Christian men who were stable and trustworthy in their faith in favor of young, handsome cads who had no interest in long-term commitment.

Then, whenever I was able to meet a man I felt a mutual interest in, I did everything I could to undermine it. Instead of trying to offer him sweetness and softness I tried my best to impress him with my razor-sharp humor. I would…

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