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A Shooting in a Colorado LGBT Club to Leaves 5 Dead and 18 Injured but It Gives Progressives the Chance to Say “Stochastic Terrorism” – RedState


Late Saturday night, a man opened the fire in Club Q, Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ club. Five people were shot to death. Gunshots and the stampede to escape caused at least 18 injuries. Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22 years old, was the shooter. Aldrich was overpowered and held by customers until police arrived. According to police reports, he was armed with a “long gun,” and “two guns” were recovered at the scene. It is not clear if this refers to the gun used in shooting or just one or two other guns. “Long gun” is also not defined, but if it had been an “assault rifle,” I think that would have come out in the police press conference.

Though police said the shooter had no previous criminal record, it seems like they were, as the Brits say, “being economical with the truth.” A 21-year-old man named Anderson Lee Aldrich, living in Colorado Springs, was arrested in June 2021 for “two counts of Felony Menacing and three counts of First-Degree Kidnapping.” He was never charged or convicted, and according to some reports, the record is sealed.

Saturday night’s entertainment was a drag show and “punk alternative…

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