Home World Radical ideas are promoted by the book “Abolish The Family”.

Radical ideas are promoted by the book “Abolish The Family”.


According to the book description, Sophie Lewis is a leading feminist critic and author of “Abolish The Family,” a forthcoming book.

Next week is the release date for this radical book, subtitled “A manifesto for care and liberation”.

Lewis says on her Patreon Page that she is “an unpaid visitor scholar at The Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality and Women, University of Pennsylvania, and an occasional instructor for the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research.” According to the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research website, Lewis is a faculty member.

Erin Maglaque from the University of Sheffield wrote in a piece that Lewis was “our most eloquent and furious critic of how the home is a terrible way for us to satisfy all of these desires for love, care and nourishment”. She also noted that Lewis’s writings “offers an effective introduction to the world outside of the nuclear family.”

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