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Hillary Clinton’s Youngstown Rally in Ohio: TGP Report


The previous weekend, President Trump addressed Youngstown, Ohio to support Republican U.S. Senate nominee J.D. Vance and other Ohio GOP candidates to state and federal offices. The rally was held at the mid-sized Covelli Center and drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 6,000, falling a few hundred short of a ‘sellout’, but a great crowd in a deep blue part of Ohio (while Ohio State played a home game against Toledo.)

The rally became controversial because Hillary Clinton and the media smeared Trump supporters at the rally as being like Nazis for raising their arms and index fingesr during the closing remarks of Trump’s speech. The gesture was seen by churchgoers as an ‘altar call’ response to a very moving passage by Trump that was set to soft, mournful music and describes America’s swift downfall since Trump left office in January 2021. Others saw a ‘Q Anon’ salute and accused Trump of playing footsie with Q Anon, while others like Hillary likened the rally to Hitler’s night rallies.

Check out the crowd at Trump’s rally.

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This video shows two people standing in the crowd raising their arms the same way.

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