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‘Acceptable’ Violence Against Peaceful Pro-Lifers Is Unacceptable


In Washington, D.C., a woman crossed the street to fling her coffee in the face of a sidewalk counselor outside an abortion facility. Meanwhile, her partner began a shouting match with another sidewalk counselor, which soon devolved into a physical altercation. 

In Baltimore, a man lunged at an elderly man praying outside an abortion facility, knocking him into a concrete planter and down to the ground. When a second elderly sidewalk counselor hurried over to help the first victim, the passerby shoved him to the ground and kicked his face with extreme force. Both men were knocked unconscious and required medical care.

In Saginaw, Michigan, an abortionist ran over a man who regularly prays outside the abortion facility — not once, but twice. 

In a tumultuous culture where the emotional temperature seems to be ever-rising after the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision on abortion, it’s perhaps not surprising that violence is being reported more frequently outside facilities that perform abortions — which, ironically, is a violence of its own. 

These are situations in which people engaged in sidewalk counseling, or people who are simply praying quietly, are being attacked. In two of these instances, the attackers had nothing to do with the abortion facility —…

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