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Adolescent vaping is far less common now than it was a few years ago


The National Youth Tobacco Survey, which tracks nicotine use among adolescents since 2019, shows that this has decreased dramatically. This is a significant improvement on previous fears about an “epidemic.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the agency that oversees the survey suggested that this drop may be illusory as the COVID-19 epidemic reduced youth’s access to vaping products. However, the CDC published today the NYTS results. Weekly Report on Morbidity & Mortality (MMWRThe following (indicated by ) indicate that the adolescent smoking rate is slightly lower this year than 2021, even though almost all students have returned home for in-person education.

The CDC continues to deny the decline in adolescent smoking since 2019, which is consistent in a government-sponsored study. The agency implausibly suggests that methodological changes—in particular, the switch to an online survey—might account for the sharp decrease. This argument reflects CDC’s determination not to accept any data that might support it.

The CDC is also refusing to acknowledge that the downward trend of adolescent nicotine use continued, and accelerated as vaping became more popular. And it continues…

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