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Be True to Your Inner Fursona


Hallowe’en has now been and gone, but when he, she, and zie opened their doors to trick-or-treaters on October 31st, the truly woke distributor of candy would hopefully have been aware that the gaggle of youths dressed up as werewolves may not simply have been wearing playful furry disguises. In rare cases rubber wolf masks could have been an exterior expression of their inner, moon-baying trans-species wolfpeople identities.

Just in time for Halloween, the 28th of October will see the release of the The Spooktacular Holiday Season. Federalist revealed a Colorado school district’s apparent cover-up of a wave of children in local classrooms self-identifying as full-blown humanoid animals. The previous month, Heidi Ganahl, the state’s (unsuccessful) Republican candidate for governor, had blown the (wolf) whistle on the phenomenon, leading to her immediately being accused of spreading lies by Democrats and reporters. Yet Ganahl’s comments seem to be supported by newly released emails that circulated among officials at Jefferson County School District (which includes the wealthy Denver suburb of Lakewood). Those emails—shared with the Federalist by the parental rights group Jeffco Kids First, which had obtained them under the Colorado Open Records Act—indicate that district officials had in fact…

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