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‘AI Astronauts’: Harvard Professor To Lead Expedition To Find Conceivable Alien Probe Off Of Far off Island


A Harvard astrophysicist is organizing an archeological expedition to the South Pacific looking for a imaginable alien probe.

Professor Abraham “Avi” Loeb mentioned Tuesday that he had gained $1.5 million in investment to guide an expedition to Papua New Guinea (PNG), an island north of Australia, to scope the sea flooring for a 2014 meteor that crashed into the sea which he suspects could also be of alien foundation.

“The basic query is whether or not it was once an peculiar rock from every other celebrity, or was once it a spacecraft,” Loeb mentioned all over an episode of the “I’ve Were given Information For You” podcast. “We’re making plans an expedition to Papua New Guinea and scoop the sea flooring and work out the composition of this object.”

Some consider that the thing, which was once formally recognized as an interstellar meteor through the U.S. executive, may well be some roughly an alien probe. The item is alleged to be the primary showed object recognized to have crashed into Earth from every other sun device.

Loeb’s expedition to PNG, a former Australian colony, will head to the country’s Manus Island, the place the thing went down within the waters across the island. Manus Island was once additionally the site for a few years of an Australian…

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