Home Politics Aktuelle Stunde: Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht (Teil 1 von 2) – 15.12.2016 – 93. Plenarsitzung

Aktuelle Stunde: Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht (Teil 1 von 2) – 15.12.2016 – 93. Plenarsitzung


I name up merchandise 33 at the time table: Movement by means of the SPD parliamentary team
relating to a present hour (Hesse stick in combination and now not cut up, get
twin citizenship – High Minister Bouffier will have to
obviously and unequivocally distance himself from right-wing populists like Mr Willsch
and Mr Irmer) – Drucks. 19/4301 – After the present hour,
we will be able to then make a decision at the pressing movement for a solution
by means of the SPD parliamentary team.

It starts colleague Günter Rudolph,
SPD parliamentary team. Mr President,
girls and gents! Now the cat is out of the bag: The CDU member of parliament and
district chairman of the Rheingau-Taunus district,
Mr. Willsch, clearly does now not rule out a coalition with the AfD. Now it's quoted
that he didn't inform hr that, however a couple of days in the past he mentioned
precisely that during a "Center of attention" interview, that AfD folks don’t seem to be
lepers and that's why you need to communicate to them, after all.

A populist clearly needs to paintings with
different populists. In his so-called newest
“capital letter”, Mr. Willsch claims that the migration disaster will price the Hessians
€50 billion. This would give 870,000 BAföG recipients
€57,000 or pay again round 43 million workers
the taxes they have got already paid within the quantity of €1,162,000.
In step with Mr. Willsch, the record might be persevered indefinitely. With such an absurd and cynical
comparability, Mr. Willsch is making an attempt to fire up a debate about envy,
and in doing so he’s dividing society. That's precisely what we don't want. [Applause from the SPD and the LINKE] He stirs up fears and thus runs
the trade of the AfD, which by the way likes those contributions,
similar to the so-called German conservatives.

By the way, this is a corporation that has
many times been categorized as right-wing extremist by means of the Place of work for the Coverage of the Charter
and whose chairman is a convicted hate speechist. It’s no surprise that Mr. Willsch is
rewarded and singled out by means of such teams. However Mr. Irmer isn’t above publishing an commercial for those German conservatives in
his so-called “Wetzlar Kurier”, his struggle paper
. [Call from the SPD: Here he comes!] Mr. Bouffier,
a couple of weeks in the past within the "Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung" you described Mr. Irmer
as your buddy, whom you will have identified for 40 years
and who isn’t just enthusiastic about politics characterised by means of loyalty to ideas,
predictability and simplicity , however above all by means of
his open phrase , which he stands by means of out of conviction. – Sure, Mr. Irmer is a
cruel simplifier. He's at all times sharp at the correct edge
and past. [Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (SPD):
That's the way it is!] Mr. Bouffier, as
High Minister and CDU chairman, inform me what you bring to mind such movements by means of
Mr. Irmer and Mr.

Willsch; the state parliament is the correct position for this. [Applause from the SPD and LINKE] After all the CDU is main the dialogue: how can we really feel in regards to the AfD? The internal minister is deputy
CDU chairman and a member of the district council within the Rheingau-Taunus district,
and there you and the AfD have already authorized procedural motions
in order that they even get at the time table. So that you in part agree
with the AfD. [Call of the Abg. Manfred Pentz (CDU)] – Sure, Mr. Pentz,
that’s the state of affairs. To start with, you need to
make your self competent. As Mr. Kunkel,
Mayor of Eltville, CDU, mentioned this morning within the "Wiesbadener Tagblatt"
– that may be learn -: At the right-wing fringe of the CDU,
AfD concepts are actually brazenly sympathized with. Women and gents,
you will have an issue with the way you handle the AfD. So in finding clean phrases
and distance your self from them, High Minister Bouffier. [Applause from SPD and LINKE] Successful again disillusioned citizens from the
AfD is a sound objective. However we received't win all of them
again. Proper-wing populists just like the AfD
don’t seem to be fought with movements like the ones of Mr.

Willsch and Irmer,
however with a resounding advocacy of liberal values
– now not with extra populism. High Minister, I regarded once more at
your speech at the particular person plan debate final November. You mentioned
retaining society in combination. We
agreed on that along with the refugee bundle final yr. That is many times discredited with such statements by means of
Mr. Irmer or by means of Mr. Willsch . Check out
the columns of letters to the editor within the "Wiesbadener Kurier" or
within the "Wiesbadener Tagblatt". There, particular reference is made to statements made
by means of Mr. Willsch, as I’ve simply offered them
. The seed turns out to
be rising. We’ve not too long ago celebrated 70 years of Hessen
, a tolerant and cosmopolitan federal state. We’ve a main minister who used to be
exemplary on this admire and formed Hesse.

That's why we mustn't stand by means of and watch the goings-on of
the Willschs and Irmers . [Applause from the SPD and the LINKE as well as
the Abg. Mürvet Öztürk (non-attached) – acclamation of the Abg. Janine Wissler (DIE LINKE)] – Sure, he reads his "Wetzlar Kurier". This can be a planned provocation. Mr High Minister, Mr Bouffier,
Mr CDU Chairman, what do you bring to mind the “Wetzlar Kurier”? What do you bring to mind the advertisements by means of
the German conservatives who agitate in opposition to minorities? – Right here and now could be the
position to precise your self. Mr High Minister, in the event you
stay silent lately, then you definately recognize this habits and settle for it,
consistent with the motto: Any individual can poach at the right-hand edge. – We received't can help you escape with this. [Applause from the SPD and the LINKE as well as
the Abg. Mürvet Öztürk (non-attached)] The CDU is clearly shifting to the correct, which is
why an utility for twin citizenship is being made lately. We wish the choice
legal responsibility to not be reintroduced.

That used to be a compromise of
the grand coalition. It used to be the most important contribution to
a a success integration coverage. This is why we’re in choose of
now not abolishing this correct. Nowadays, the Hessian state parliament could have
the chance to put itself in a roll-call vote . – Many Thank you. [Applause from the SPD and the LINKE as well as
the Abg. Mürvet Öztürk (Non-attached)] Many thank you, Mr Rudolph. – Mr Abg has the ground. Frömmrich,
girls and gents! I need to get started by means of emphasizing what my colleague Rudolph
already mentioned: a couple of days in the past we celebrated 70 years of
Hessen. We venerated the historical past of Hesse
. Hessen is a worldly and
tolerant state.

As politicians, we
are smartly prompt to combat to make certain that issues keep that manner in Hesse. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN,
the CDU and the SPD] We must flip down everybody
who needs one thing else. As politicians, we must
now not make those problems our personal. We must spotlight
what constitutes our loose democratic elementary order and our constitutional
state. The ones are our strengths,
we must combat for them.

We shouldn't be taken in by means of those that
have utterly other intentions with xenophobia and hate speech. [Applause from the BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN,
the CDU, the SPD and the LINKE as well as
the Abg. Mürvet Öztürk (non-attached)] Mr Rudolph discussed
that twin citizenship is the most important and efficient
software of integration coverage for us. The opportunity of having two passports
takes the power off younger folks of getting to select one day between
their folks' nation of beginning and the rustic during which they had been born and
grew up. The
obligatory possibility this is now being demanded once more would reintroduce this compulsion and this power.

That's why we firmly reject it. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN
und der LINKE] The choice
requirement does now not do justice to the range of our society, during which hundreds of thousands of kids with
a couple of citizenships are rising up: The Zamparonis, the McAllisters and
the Al-Wazirs of this nation are a fact, and that it's effective like this. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GREEN] We because the GREENS have
at all times been very clean in this factor. We
proceed to be very clean in this factor. As a result of this query used to be so vital to us
and since we had specific revel in within the debate
about twin citizenship in Hesse, we made clean preparations within the coalition with
the CDU.

I wish to remind you of this once more
and quote from the coalition settlement, web page 58: On the federal political degree,
we will be able to make stronger the abolition of the choice legal responsibility and the acceptance of a couple of
citizenship in nationality regulation for youngsters of international folks who had been born and grew up in Germany
. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GREEN] Women and gents,
expensive colleagues , it couldn't be clearer. So we will be able to now not
permit the clock to be grew to become again once more in this factor. The selections of
the CDU occasion convention on the federal degree don’t exchange that. By the way, the high minister of
this nation mentioned this very obviously within the “FAZ”
of December eighth, 2017. [Timon Gremmels (SPD):
Party congress resolution!] Below the headline: "Bouffier: Double
go solution used to be mistaken" one can learn that the high minister
sees it the similar manner. [Timon Gremmels (SPD):
Party congress decision!] I need to quote the high minister
: … that's why I don't suppose
that this determination will cross into executive paintings in Berlin
. We agreed in this compromise with excellent explanation why after we shaped
the grand coalition with the SPD
. Either side will have to have the ability to
depend on that.

This can be a temper image of the occasion congress. Women and gents,
the High Minister has made himself very clean and really clean. [Timon Gremmels (SPD):
Party congress decision!] In doing so, he obviously distanced
himself from those that publicly
demanded one thing other. I really like that. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN
and members of the CDU]
So the High Minister mentioned: … that's why I don't suppose
that this solution will in finding its manner into executive paintings in Berlin
. The coalition in Hesse is
clean and unequivocal in this factor. The High Minister is
clean and unequivocal in this factor. I ponder, on the other hand,
why you might be once more mentioning an issue within the present hour of the Hessian state parliament the place you clearly have an issue
together with your coalition spouse in Berlin
. I’m certainly questioning that. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GREEN
and the CDU – acclamation from the deputies.

Nancy Faeser (SPD) ] Twin citizenship
, i.e. citizenship regulation, is federal regulation. Mrs Faeser,
the government can be shaped with the participation of the
Social Democrats. [Unrest in the SPD] The federal coalition is shaped with
social democrats. Why are you elevating this factor
within the Hessian state parliament? – As a result of you wish to have to have interaction in petty occasion
politics. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN
and the CDU – objection from the SPD] Mrs Faeser,
if we need to communicate in regards to the topic once more now,
please deliver this movement, which you’ll
in finding underneath the published subject quantity 19/4328 within the Hessian state parliament have submitted
to the German Bundestag, so: The Hessian state parliament rejects
the reintroduction of the choice legal responsibility in nationality regulation.

I’m very considering
the balloting habits. [Objection from the SPD] Mr. Colleague,
you need to come to the top. Mr President,
I’m last. – Then
what you constitute right here can be fair. I will be able to
most effective say something to you in this merchandise at the time table: we
will give our approval to the movement that you’ve tabled right here . – Thanks very a lot. [Applause from BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GREEN
and the CDU] Thanks very a lot. – Mr. Rentsch,
parliamentary team chief of the FDP, has the ground. Mr President,
girls and gents, Mr Frömmrich,
I might counsel that we don’t at all times give each and every different
recommendation on who’s addressing what. At this level,
the usual method of the GREENS would have fitted: A topical lesson isn’t appropriate
for coping with one of these matter. – Women and gents,
we’re in a parliament right here.

We talk about our positions. Any faction can set any theme. This is why the Social Democrats can
additionally deliver up this matter. [Applause from the FDP, the SPD
and the LINKE] After all it’s respectable
whilst you communicate in regards to the biggest governing occasion in Berlin and in regards to the chancellor
and follow the placement that the CDU occasion congress
intentionally sought an outlet to vital query
to set a special accessory, in order that it does now not depart a federal state
untouched. If the chancellor, as occasion chief,
says she isn’t on this determination, that
isn’t my downside. The truth is, on the other hand, that there
nonetheless appears to be a wish to talk about the problem of immigration coverage
in Germany, possibly presently. I believe that each one events agree on
this factor. We’ve been
discussing the correct manner for years. I
suppose that in combination we need to combine folks from different nations
into this nation.

We invite them to come back right here
, however we ask them to simply accept and
recognize the manners, customs, ethical ideas and buildings of
this nation. For me, integration does now not imply
assimilation, however for me it does imply acknowledgment of ideas that
exist on this nation. [Applause from the FDP] Happening this trail isn’t simple. We too have argued in regards to the query of
whether or not the verdict for or in opposition to twin citizenship is
certain or adverse with a purpose to reach the average objective
that we’re all pursuing. Alternatively, I imagine that the query of
the reintroduction of the choice legal responsibility misses the actual factor. We need to talk about: How can Germany turn out to be
horny to folks from different nations, who we urgently want right here, for instance,
in the case of the query of the place we will get excellent folks from to definitely
form the way forward for the exertions marketplace ? I imagine that there’s even
an settlement between the SPD, the Vegetables and the Unfastened Democrats
that we in the end want an immigration regulation on this nation. [Applause from the FDP and SPD
– Günter Rudolph (SPD): Yes!] We need to take into consideration it: what are we able to do to
make it horny for individuals who come right here and who we urgently
want for our activity marketplace? How are we able to turn out to be horny to them? – I imagine
that – even supposing the topic can also be tested in numerous techniques –
the reintroduction of the choice legal responsibility is extra of a drawback
as it in the long run limits the beauty to a undeniable extent .

My colleague Frömmrich discussed a
level that I proportion: It's simply now not that straightforward for folks
to come back from some other nation after which to claim their allegiance to Germany,
however to fully eliminate their very own id. Many are proud in their origins
with out now not pronouncing that they need to get right here. If you wish to push either one of those in combination
, then I believe it might be a mistake
to reintroduce the choice legal responsibility and open up this matter once more. Previous we had an issue
that the rustic have been discussing very controversially for a very long time . I believe we must now be
speaking in regards to the problems which are in reality at the time table. It’s on no account the reintroduction of the choice legal responsibility
. [Applause from the FDP
and BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN] However it’s also a truth
that we’re experiencing eventualities which – I will be able to say this very brazenly –
additionally make me frightened.

I lately
mentioned this with a Turkish acquaintance, who very a lot
praised Erdogan's place. He used to be born right here,
he has a German passport and his youngsters cross
to German establishments right here. After I mentioned with him
, I didn't have the sensation that I used to be arguing with any person
who’s German. [Call from the SPD] All through the dialogue he gave me
the affect that he very strongly adopts Turkish views

Those are steadily folks
who in reality have the issue that they don't in reality know
the place they belong. They aren’t Turks in Turkey. They aren’t
the Germans in Germany. You stand someplace between
those cultures. However I additionally need to say very obviously
on this Parliament: individuals who are living on this nation
and who revel in this democracy with all its benefits,
this freedom that we have got right here, must now not reward an unfree machine
that Mr Erdogan simply within the Turkey introduces.

That shouldn't be the placement. [Applause from the FDP
, CDU and SPD] That is one thing that
in reality bothers me. It can’t be that the liberty
that we have got right here and that we permit folks in all spaces
in the course of the Fundamental Legislation – we spoke the day gone by about
the Inside Minister's initiative within the house of non secular freedom in connection
with "Lies!" – is exploited in opposition to
our freedom. Democrats must stand in combination
and do the whole thing to make it clean the place we stand and that those values ​​are

If there are individuals who
need to use our values ​​and rights and alternatives to opposite them
, we wish to publish an overly clean prevent signal. We certainly don't do this. [Applause from the FDP] Mr Rentsch,
you will have to be coming to an finish. I in finding it an exhilarating
debate as a result of I might additionally love to understand how the deputy
CDU federal chairman sees it. However after all it’s also clean that we
as a rustic, particularly as a rustic of the center, in a society that
urgently wishes excellent minds, must ship a transparent sign on nowadays
: We want excellent minds on this nation,
and this is the reason we want additionally an immigration regulation.

That may well be
a cross-party initiative. Colleague Frömmrich
, we will possibly talk about this over espresso in a while within the margins of the plenary consultation
as as to if we must deliver one thing like this up right here. It will for sure be excellent for Parliament
if it wasn't at all times simply coalitions that made politics right here,
but additionally highbrow majorities. – Thanks very a lot. [Applause from the FDP] Thanks, Mr Rentsch.

– Ms Abg has the ground. Janine Wissler
for the parliamentary team DIE LINKE. Mr. President,
girls and gents! Eighteen years in the past,
essentially the most tasteless and threatening election marketing campaign in
the historical past of this federal state came about in Hesse. At the moment, the CDU accumulated signatures
in opposition to twin citizenship, painted absurd horror eventualities
at the wall and stirred up fears and prejudices. "The place can I signal right here in opposition to
foreigners?" used to be a incessantly requested query in Hesse's
pedestrian zones on the time. That used to be an election marketing campaign on
the backs of migrants, at the backs of younger folks
whose folks were residing and dealing right here for many years and
have helped to construct this society and its prosperity. Twin citizenship and
the correct to vote don’t seem to be handouts, now not a bounty, they’re rights
that individuals are entitled to and feature been denied to them for some distance too lengthy. [Applause from the LINKE,
the SPD and the BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN] Remaining week
the CDU federal occasion convention spoke out in opposition to twin citizenship
and for the reintroduction of obligatory choices
– on account of imaginable loyalty issues.

I ask you: Do the Hessian CDU contributors who
voted in opposition to twin citizenship severely
imagine that Minister Al-Wazir has a loyalty downside
as a result of he has two citizenships? – That's absurd. [Applause from the LINKE and the SPD] What we least want within the present
state of affairs is Roland Koch Reloaded. The Union is increasingly more adopting
the slogans of the AfD – the CSU in entrance. Seehofer not too long ago praised
Donald Trump of all folks for his language and for giving folks – quote –
"concrete solutions" – after a deeply racist
and sexist US election marketing campaign. This pandering
to right-wing populism is very bad – particularly in view of the right-wing trends
that we’re experiencing on this nation. [Applause from the LINKE and the SPD] In Germany by myself
this yr there have been nearly 900 assaults on refugee shelters
– a mean of 3 an afternoon. This displays that verbal assaults became
bodily assaults – not too long ago in the midst of Frankfurt at the premises
of the Undertaking Safe haven refugee initiative, with which I wish to
categorical our complete unity at this level.

[Applause from the LINKE] Any individual who agitates in opposition to folks and acts as a
non secular arsonist bears one of the most accountability
if this brutalization of language sooner or later becomes violence. Whoever adopts the slogans of right-wing populists
does now not undermine them,
however makes them more potent. The previous election campaigns
have proven this obviously. That is the way you poison
the social local weather.

[Applause from the LINKE and from
members of the SPD] There we’re with the Hesse CDU. Right here the some distance correct
historically has the liberty to idiot themselves. Whilst Mr Bouffier
performs the pleasant father of the rustic , Steinbach, Willsch and Irmer are allowed to
serve the correct fringe and completely insult minorities with impunity. [Call of the Abg. Holger Bellino (CDU)] Willsch , member of the Bundestag, is now speaking
a few coalition with the AfD and says touch with average
folks must be imaginable. Positive, you understand each and every different. The Hessen-CDU has been the breeding floor
for the AfD management. [Dr. Walter Arnold (CDU): My goodness!] Gauland, Glaser, Hohmann – they
had been all as soon as occasion contributors of yours.

Those are all merchandise of
the Hessen CDU. [Applause from the LINKE and the SPD
– shouts from the CDU – the President's bell ringing] Mr. Willsch is suffering with the GREEN as a coalition spouse
– a minimum of on the federal degree. [Call of the Abg. Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel
(SPD)] At federal degree there are – quote –
"hard-to-digest avid gamers like Jürgen Trittin and Renate Künast,"
says Willsch. Possibly
the Hessian Vegetables must take into consideration what it says about them
if, not like you, the Federal Vegetables are observed as tough to
digest. They clearly
don't reason any digestive issues. [Laughter and applause from DIE LINKE] This week, Union politicians
known as for more difficult motion in opposition to hate feedback and faux information and for focused
disinformation to be punished.

Let me say: Then Mr. Irmer would have
an actual downside along with his “Wetzlar Kurier”. [Laughter from the LINKE] As a result of Münchhausen used to be a decent guy
in comparison to the truthfulness of the Wetzlar Kurier. [Applause from members of the Left Party] Then folks like to mention that
Mr Irmer has not anything to mention within the parliamentary team . That also is probably the most inexperienced lies
on this coalition. [Applause from the LINKE
– Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (SPD): Yes!] However this utterly insignificant
Herr Irmer is now working for the Bundestag. [Cheers from the SPD] And oh surprise, the CDU despatched him to
the Federal Meeting to elect the Federal President.

Within the "Wetzlarer Zeitung" of
August twenty eighth of this yr we learn: Bouffier known as Irmer his buddy,
whom he has identified for 40 years and who isn’t just outstanding in politics
by means of his loyalty to ideas, predictability and simplicity,
however above all by means of his " open phrase". High Minister,
as an alternative of status up to give protection to the folk whom Mr.
Irmer insults in his put up each month, particularly migrants, Muslims, homosexuals,
reward him for that too. What’s written within the "Wetzlar Kurier
" don’t seem to be open phrases, however reasonably racist and

[Applause from the LINKE and the SPD
– Manfred Pentz (CDU): Unbearable!] Mrs Wissler,
you need to come to the top. I'm coming to the top. – This clean confession
of the High Minister displays something very obviously: Irmer isn’t a marginal determine,
however he’s an integral a part of this Hessian CDU. Irmer's statements don’t seem to be disasters,
however calculation and perspective in settlement with
the high minister.

That is your department of work
– you’re the forgiving father of the rustic, and others can
let off steam at the correct edge. All denial doesn't assist,
expensive GREENS. In case you shape a coalition with the CDU
, you will have folks like Irmer for your cheek. [Applause from the LINKE
and SPD MPs] Thanks very a lot. – Mrs Öztürk has the ground for
two and a part mins. Expensive Mr. President! I’m very thankful to the SPD
for calling up the topic of
the choice legal responsibility right here within the present hour, in order that the Hessians too can take a
clean place. [Unrest – Bell of the President] As a result of this state of Hesse additionally has
one thing to do with the talk about twin citizenship.

I too wish to recall
how 18 years in the past the marketing campaign for twin citizenship right here
in Hesse tore deep wounds in folks of Turkish beginning
as a result of, as individuals who have labored right here for years, they
paid taxes and fulfilled their civic
tasks as soon as turn out to be the objective of an election marketing campaign. To nowadays , expensive colleagues, those deep wounds
have now not healed. That's why
many of us of Turkish beginning
didn't really feel like they had been being taken alongside when it got here to Hesse's seventieth anniversary lately. On this Hessian state parliament, that is due to the
former High Minister Koch, and the Hesse CDU
hasn’t ever distanced itself from it both. I need to file that right here. [Applause from the LINKE and
from members of the SPD – acclamation of the deputy.

Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel
(SPD)] In regards to twin citizenship
, I wish to make it clean as soon as once more: I might find it irresistible
if there have been a normal acceptance of a couple of citizenship. Additionally it is clean to me
that with the CDU within the grand coalition at federal degree, the one
imaginable compromise used to be the choice legal responsibility. Abolishing this now in
view of younger individuals who had been born and grew up right here
has not anything to do with integration.

It has to do with exclusion,
if you wish to say to those younger folks, make your selection between one
citizenship and the opposite. As well as: The Iranians can
stay their citizenship, the Moroccans can stay it,
the EU electorate can stay it, a Mr. Al-Wazir can stay it
and my husband can stay it as a result of he has a German mom,
however with the Turkish mom folks – it's about folks of Turkish beginning who
were running right here for years, pay their taxes right here,
whose youngsters had been born right here – we all at once say: "Forestall,
I see your twin citizenship as a struggle of loyalty", and that's simple – that I say
once more, I extensively utilized this time period the day gone by – natural arbitrariness.

It's an exclusion,
and then you definately don't wish to be shocked if folks do
n't orient themselves in opposition to Hesse, don't see High Minister Bouffier
as their High Minister or Chancellor Angela Merkel
as their Federal Chancellor, but when they appear to Istanbul
or Ankara in keeping with this undemocratic Erdogan. [Cheers from the CDU] I’m hoping
that, simply as we need to win over AfD citizens, we will be able to additionally win over
those folks of Turkish beginning for this society. Then we will't inform them to
make a choice from one or the opposite political id.

It's about participation,
about political participation. It's now not as regards to integration. [Cheers from the CDU] That's why I’m hoping that with the
subsequent federal executive – I'll prevent; That's my final sentence –
in the end the overall multi-nationality can be presented and the choice legal responsibility
will not at all be reintroduced. – Thanks very a lot. [Applause from the LINKE
and SPD MPs] Thanks very a lot, Mrs Öztürk. – The Abg has the ground. Manfred Pentz,
CDU faction. Expensive Mr. President,
girls and gents! To start with , the name of the present hour,
which the SPD parliamentary team has asked, is
basically mistaken. [laughter of Abg. Günter Rudolph
(SPD)] It must be famous: The black-green state executive
and particularly its High Minister, Volker Bouffier, were effectively retaining Hesse in combination for
greater than two and a part years. [Applause from the CDU
– shouts from the Abg.

Florian Rentsch (FDP) and Hermann Schaus (DIE LINKE)
– more calls from the SPD] Expensive Mr. Rentsch,
we don't simply communicate, we act. As a reminder: greater than a yr in the past we
in Hesse made up our minds on our state program motion plan for the combination
of refugees and the preservation of social
concord. That is how we talk and that is how we act. [Applause from the CDU and
the BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN – acclamation of the Abg. Günter Rudolph (SPD)] Expensive Mr. Rudolph, we don't
want any lectures from the SPD in the case of concord
in society. [Applause from the Abg. Kurt Wiegel (CDU)
– acclamation of Abg. Günter Rudolph (SPD)] The bulk determination of the occasion congress
to reintroduce the choice legal responsibility, for which there are reasonably a host
of causes, is an image of the temper in our occasion. [Calls from the dep. Janine Wissler
(DIE LINKE) and Nancy Faeser (SPD) – further shouts from the SPD – unrest
– ringing of the President's bell] However simply to make it clean
: Expensive Mr.

that's no explanation why in any respect to be outraged right here, is it
accusing the CDU of one thing unhealthy. That is natural polemic. [Hans-Jürgen Irmer (CDU): That's the way it is] Women and gents, at the factual factor. The next applies to us: We stand by means of what we agreed in
our coalition settlement between the CDU and BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN
in Hesse, and that's precisely the way it appears to be like within the federal executive. That's how it’s, and that's the way it remains. [Call of the Abg. Tobias Eckert (SPD)] Mainly I wish to say for
the CDU that we don’t imagine normal multi-nationality
to be fascinating. We predict it’s higher that the ones
who’ve made up our minds to are living right here in Germany and
whose youngsters are rising up right here must additionally make a decision to turn out to be
German electorate. [Call of the Abg. Gerhard Merz (SPD)
– Further calls from the SPD] Now to
what you accuse Klaus Peter Willsch of. In order that that is mentioned obviously right here: [Unrest – bell of the President] The Hessian Union already
mentioned very obviously sooner than the native elections what we bring to mind the AfD.

[Holger Bellino (CDU): That's right!] A occasion that stands for concern,
exclusion and prejudice isn’t a spouse for us. To be very clean. [Applause from the CDU and
the BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN] Women and gents,
expensive comrades, I wish to quote a brief letter from
Klaus Peter Willsch from the day gone by: On behalf of the Rheingau-Taunus district affiliation of the CDU
, I wish to explain that we will be able to proceed to go into into no cooperation
or coalition with the AfD . – I'd be at liberty to position that
throughout for you too. That's how it’s, and that's the way it remains. [Applause from the CDU and from the members
of the Alliance 90/The Greens – Marius Weiß (SPD): Ei, Ei, Ei!] Expensive Mr. Schäfer-Gümbel,
expensive Mr. Rudolph, how do you are feeling about
the Left Birthday party, for instance? [Hans-Jürgen Irmer (CDU): Very correct
– shouts from the SPD: Oh! – Unrest – President's bell] Against this to you, we’ve got at all times
mentioned how we really feel in regards to the LEFT, as a result of we all know the place the LEFT
come from and since we all know the place the LEFT need to cross.

[Laughter and shouts from the LINKE] Simply the day gone by,
when a member of parliament from the LINKE used the phrase "deportation" right here on this
Space, we noticed impressively the place the LINKE stood. That's why we don't must can help you lecture
us in this subject , expensive Mr. Rudolph,
expensive comrades. [Applause from the CDU] The CDU has ruled this nation
responsibly and effectively since 1999.
We’ve been running
along with the GREENS in a trusting, respectful and a success means for just about 3 years now. That's the way in which it’s. That's what we paintings for on a daily basis,
and it must keep that manner. – Thanks very a lot. [Applause from the CDU and from members
of Alliance 90/The Greens] Many thank you, colleague Pentz. – The High Minister has the ground. Mr President,
girls and gents! We’ve a mix of
what I believe is an overly helpful and again and again
essential debate on how we handle the problem
of citizenship.

Mr Rudolph,
you blended that up with a dispute with the CDU,
and the High Minister is now additionally the state chairman of the CDU. [Günter Rudolph (SPD): But that's true! ] I really like being that too. However that is in reality about
the state executive, and now I'm within the following state of affairs: If I don't solution as a CDU guy,
then you definately cross right here and say: "He used to be silent." [Günter Rudolph (SPD): That could be !
– Acclamation of Abg. René Rock (FDP)] As a result of I do know that
, I ask in your indulgence: I will be able to solution you in each purposes
. [Calls from the dep. Günter Rudolph (SPD)
and Janine Wissler (DIE LINKE)] I counsel us to watch out within the subject
and within the language. What’s it about? If Mrs Öztürk simply
mentioned that the query of loyalty to a state is
in reality inappropriate, then I don't proportion that.

The instance that Mr Rentsch
simply identified used to be very spectacular,
and it considerations many of us in our nation. When he studies that he’s
chatting with an acquaintance or buddy in regards to the being worried state of affairs
in Turkey and is amazed to seek out that the person
who used to be born right here and whose presence we’re satisfied to take takes
a place this is in step with the elemental democratic convictions of
this nation can’t be reconciled, then one will have to
handle the query. Nobody can severely
dispute that. [Call from the SPD] I due to this fact advise as soon as once more to watch out
within the subject and within the language. I don't suppose
citizenship must be exaggerated, however neither must it’s underestimated. This isn’t most effective the case in Germany. It's probably the most large questions all over the world, a few of which is being
mentioned with nice hobby,
in every single place, together with in our nation. So I'll permit myself
slightly retrospective. You
didn't take into consideration the movement for many of your speech.

But if we
speak about twin citizenship – Mr Pentz simply
mentioned it – this is one thing other from the obligatory possibility. I’ve had a transparent stance in this for a few years
. I’m of the opinion,
and I will be able to say it once more: if any person has made up our minds for himself and
his youngsters to are living and keep on this nation
, it’s fascinating that he turn out to be a German citizen. [Applause from the CDU
, BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN and the FDP – Vice-President Heike Habermann
takes the chair.] I don't
imagine typically multi-nationality. I may just come up with many examples of
the place the issues lie, [Janine Wissler (DIE LINKE):
So Tarek should make a decision? ] from my skilled perspective
as a circle of relatives attorney.

However that may take too
a lot time right here. The Vegetables have at all times
taken a special place in this. You thought about the overall multi-nationality
to be right kind. There’s no fact and no untruth,
this is a query of review. Then we got here to the thrilling query,
and you’ve got to savor what came about there : German citizenship regulation,
which some thought to be antiquated and others thought to be right kind
– that's a debate that 's occurring in every single place the arena global there –
used to be modified by means of the Schröder/Fischer executive.

That used to be the red-green federal executive,
which used to be satisfied that the primary of descent must be
supplemented or abolished fully and a brand new type of citizenship
presented: Any individual born right here
is a German citizen. This used to be the political purpose,
and it used to be to turn out to be regulation. There used to be no majority for that. Then the SPD,
the GREENS and the FDP, those 3, presented the choice resolution. It wasn't the CDU. [Mürvet Öztürk (non-attached):
There was a majority in the Bundestag!] The CDU voted in opposition to it on the time. I used to be in opposition to the choice resolution then
and I’m in opposition to it now. But when we have a look at
the subject soberly, it displays that if nearly all of the CDU federal occasion congress has now mentioned
in a temper image that it needs the choice resolution,
then this is precisely what the red-green and FDP
made up our minds in 2000.

[Applause from the CDU] This occasion congress solution is anything else however a explanation why for all
political and different ethical guardians
to get outraged or derive a shift to the correct from it. The place are we if
the CDU is now hard what the SPD, GRÜNE and FDP themselves have made up our minds? You’ll suppose that's correct or
mistaken. [Lively applause from the CDU – acclamation of
the Abg. Mürvet Öztürk (Non-attached)] I might upload: There are arguments for each positions
whilst you get into the subject. [Call of the Abg. Mürvet Öztürk
(non-attached)] I believe it
's highest for me right here. I made a speech in 2000
pronouncing I used to be in opposition to obligatory possibility and I’ve maintained the placement. That's why I didn't have an issue
with it when, as deputy federal chairman, I helped negotiate
the coalition settlement between the CDU, CSU and SPD within the German Bundestag

There we
agreed and made up our minds accordingly. I had and now have
no downside with the truth that I agreed with my present coalition spouse in our
coalition settlement that we behave precisely
as we’ve got behaved. Then the problem of obligatory
choices is now not a subject. That's the way in which it’s and it is going to keep that manner. – This is now the a part of the solution
for the Hessian state executive: We’ve a coalition settlement.

We satisfy it, now not most effective lately,
but additionally the next day. This additionally corresponds to
my non-public conviction. [Applause from the CDU
and BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GREEN] That's why I counsel cautious dealing with of
the subject and cautious use of language. I might be thankful if the tremolo of
those that made up our minds it themselves didn't become such that, consistent with
what many of us suppose is true in the past, what used to be the
criminal state of affairs till two years in the past – your determination used to be legitimate till two years in the past in Germany; it used to be by no means mine –
now have a type of exchange and lots of in my occasion
suppose it must be reintroduced. I'll say it once more: I believe that's
basically mistaken, as a result of this obligatory possibility doesn't in reality clear up the issue
that Mr Rentsch addressed for example . What in reality occurs –
I led the debates again then – if any person doesn't make a decision
to vote? What used to be your regulation order? Their criminal outcome used to be: He robotically loses German
citizenship, however he stays
on this nation with all rights aside from the correct to vote or
to be elected. Another way, he has an unrestricted correct of place of abode this is
now not affected in anyway .

If you understand that – that
used to be my argument on the time; You’ll examine it –
if I make the query of loyalty to a state the primary factor
and the individual involved remains right here with all rights,
even supposing he does now not opt-in, I don’t suppose this resolution is
efficient. On this admire I will be able to
understandably quote myself once more. However that's what you made a decision on the time,
in opposition to the CDU. Now we’ve got the placement
as you described it. If that's the case, then
I like to recommend that we are saying in combination: Let's argue about
what is smart and what’s unwise, however please don't arise
with an ethical candle alongside the traces of : Some individuals are those excellent
ones, the others are the unhealthy ones.

[Applause from the CDU and from members
of the Alliance 90/The Greens] Colleague Rudolph and the others,
you quoted me and I stand by means of each quote. You’ll like colleague Irmer
or now not, and I don't proportion a few of his
statements. I've at all times made that clean. However I additionally received't permit
– I haven’t any different likelihood, I'm talking now as state chairman –
that via consistent blanket defamation any person is excluded
who at each election [shouts of the Abg. Janine Wissler
(DIE LINKE) and from the SPD – bell of the President] – simply pay attention – has
a large vote of the inhabitants. Mr. Irmer is a Democrat. That doesn't
imply I proportion each place. However I additionally received't permit

any person to be singled out and put down in each 3rd assembly when the opposition can't bring to mind the rest. That still does now not paintings. [Lively applause from the CDU – Janine Wissler (DIE LINKE):
Yes, you have to allow that! And what about those he defames?
He defames all the time!] Women and gents,
you will have requested clean questions and you’ll get clean solutions.

In his letter to the capital, Mr Willsch made
comparisons which I imagine damaging and
which I on no account proportion – in order that this may be clean. [Loud applause from the CDU,
the SPD and the BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN] Colleague Willsch additionally – I might ask
you to take into account of this, in order that you don’t utterly deviate from the info to your long run
opposition paintings, even within the post-truth length
elevate up; Mr. Pentz learn it to you
– a crystal-clear declaration for the district affiliation of the CDU Rheingau-
Taunus that there can be no cooperation or
even nearer cooperation with the AfD both now or within the foreseeable long run.

[Günter Rudolph (SPD):
In the district council they vote with the AfD! – Marius Weiß (SPD): You go
out together, you come back in together!] – Mr Colleague, I requested you to watch out
with the language and the subject. I'll upload: possibly even in my ideas. We must nonetheless deal with each and every different with
sufficient admire that one merely takes be aware of a remark from
a district affiliation this is crystal clean and does now not
hope to discover a local weather not directly during which a big democratic
occasion is driven into the nook. I've mentioned it over and over again – – [Timon Gremmels (SPD):
Facts are facts!] – Mr. Gremmels, be average. You don't need to indicate
that one day I left any doubt as to the place the road between the
CDU and AfD lies.

If it's other, come right here to
have it settled as soon as and for all. [Applause from the CDU – Janine Wissler
(DIE LINKE): Yes, in the state election campaign!] In order that it’s completely clean. So I say once more: average your tone
and average your language. I haven’t any catching as much as do. [Unrest – the President's bell rings] Mr. Willsch additionally spoke to
the Hessischer Rundfunk and made it clean that he didn’t categorical himself within the
manner he used to be quoted.

It’s merely a part of seriousness
that then you definately additionally provide this right here and now not put out of your mind portions
that you understand. Colleague Rudolph, then it’s essential have learn out
Mr Willsch's letter to the Hessischer Rundfunk,
which you almost certainly even have. [Günter Rudolph (SPD): No, I'm not so big with him
that he sent me the letter! – Counter call from the Abg. Manfred Pentz (CDU):
Then take the letter from me!] – Then simply take that from me
as a touch. – I'll say it once more: the massive query of
how we stay society in combination will stay us busy for a very long time. Ms. Wissler, you probably did "pf". The 2 folks will more than likely
by no means get in combination once more in lifestyles. However let me let you know something: The contributors of the CDU Germany
and the CDU in Hesse and all their branches haven’t any catching as much as do
in the case of becoming concerned with the query of
how this nation remains in combination and the way democracy is
reinforced and defended in opposition to its enemies can also be.

[Prolonged applause from the CDU] In Hesse, we’ve got
that we’re ready to do with out small meant
party-political benefits, particularly when confronted with the good problem of the numerous refugees. No less than that's the case from right here to there. I will not acknowledge the contributors of the LINKE
there. I wish to say to all folks: Let's stay at it. – The guardians of morals, who at all times come along side
the ethical membership, must at all times imagine
what they’re doing. Women and gents
, from the Social Democrats, I will be able to't spare you. I'll learn you one thing now. You’ll learn that. That used to be in lots of newspapers to learn. It used to be additionally revealed in Die Welt.

I quote: Merkel has her inner-party
combatants who "permit the youngsters of international folks to fall sufferer". You shouldn't invite one million
refugees after which deal with "the youngsters born right here"
badly. Now
bet who that is from. [Günter Rudolph (SPD): We know that!] Because you comprehend it,
I in finding it much more outstanding that you’re having this debate lately. [Applause from members of the CDU – Günter Rudolph (SPD):
Oh dear God!] – Expensive Mr. Rudolph,
I'll say this severely now: That's the language
of Sarah Wagenknecht and Mrs. Petry. Merkel invited the hundreds of thousands of folks
, and we’ve got the issue. That's what Sigmar Gabriel mentioned. That is the federal chairman of the SPD. Any individual who speaks like
that doesn't hang society in combination. [Manfred Pentz (CDU): That's how he is!] If that wasn't a lapse,
then he's the use of precisely the language this is dividing this nation.

[Sustained applause from the CDU – applause from the members
of the Alliance 90/The Greens] It's now not the one quote. This levels from pack to
many different issues. It's your nationwide chairman. Because you sought after to have a party-political debate
, I wish to say to you: Any individual who has one of these federal chairman,
with whom I in my view get alongside smartly, [Günter Rudolph (SPD): That was
harmful to Mr. Gabriel!] Mr. Rudolph, he may have
explanation why for that You and the contributors of the SPD parliamentary team and
the Hessian SPD, with your individual temperament,
may indicate on your federal chairman that that’s the language
that we on this nation can’t use in any respect.

[Applause from members of the CDU] Women and gents, so
on the finish of my speech I wish to say to you: The state executive, the Hessian CDU
and on no account I would like any instruction
in the case of the query of ways this state is to be stored in combination and
how we obviously confront the enemies of freedom . – Thank you. [Sustained applause from the CDU – applause from the members
of BÜNDNISSES 90/DIE GRÜNEN – Günter Rudolph (SPD): That's
exactly what you need!].

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