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Alaska Democratic Party Considers A Call To End All Oil Production


The Alaska Democratic Party is exploring amending its platform to call for an end to all oil drilling and fracking in the state, according to documents obtained by The Daily Wire.

In a document where members of the Alaska State Democratic Party’s Climate Caucus can suggest changes to the party’s platform, some are calling for a complete end to oil development in one of America’s premier oil-producing states.

One member of the caucus, Tim Hinterberger, condemned oil development in its entirety. Hinterberger, a professor at the University of Alaska at Anchorage, proposed that the party delete a statement from its current platform that pledges support for “responsible oil development performed in a manner that protects our fish, game, and wildlife resources.”

“At this advanced stage of climate disruption, no oil development is responsible,” Hinterberger wrote.

While some in the Alaska Democratic Party call for a complete end to oil production, the state’s economy remains largely dependent on the industry. Alaska produced 159,611,000 barrels of crude oil in 2022, making it the fifth-highest producer of any American state. The oil industry was also estimated to have been

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