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An Overdue Admission – Noah Rothman, Commentary Magazine


The Biden administration is conflicted. On the one hand, Covid infections and hospitalizations are again on the rise. The White House is reportedly “bracing for a challenging” surge of cases. Up to 100 million Americans could yet become infected, they warn, and the nation has neither the psychological bandwidth to prepare itself nor the funds to contend with a new surge. On the other hand, the administration is congratulating itself because deaths from Covid have not increased despite a month-long surge of new infections. The “de-linking” of proportionate death rates to infections and hospitalizations is a mile marker on the road to treating this endemic coronavirus like any other endemic coronavirus.

Despite this progress, public health experts are again advocating the adoption of mid-pandemic mitigation measures such as mask mandates. But some of those same public health experts also know there is a small audience for their advocacy. So, they are limiting their recommendation to address only those who are still paying attention to them: primarily, Democrats.


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