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Anderson Aldrich’s father posted videos of Anderson being kicked in nuts


That’s nuts.

Anderson Aldrich is the father of Colorado nightclub shooting suspect Anderson Aldrich. He claims that supplements made him insensitive to repeated kicks.

Entitled “Ouch my Balls,” the mini-series presents former MMA fighter and porn actor Aaron Brink shrugging off eye-watering blows thanks to Stevia sugar substitute and a substance called Arginine.

“Aaron Brink gets kicked in the balls in a business suit,” reads an introductory note in one of the productions, originally posted a deacade ago.

“I’m going to demonstrate the effects of Arginine,” Brink says, before giving assurances that he’s not wearing a protective cup.

Wearing sunglasses and a ponytail, Brink’s unidentified co-star then winds up and delivers a blistering shot to Brink’s nether regions.

A friend kicks Aaron Brink in his groin during this clip.

Aaron Brink demonstrates the positive effecets of L-Arginine suppliments in this episode of Ouch my Balls.
Brink claims that the supplements he is taking prevent him from suffering pain.

Ouch my Balls - Aaron Brink is represented by Daniel Papas - Attorney at Law , gets a flat tire and is kicked in the balls by his rescuer , Lava Cakes
The clip shows a woman kicking him in the groin so that his feet lift off of the ground.

After you have taken a…

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