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AOC Sharing Her Thoughts on Byron Donalds Running for Speaker Shows She Might Be Crushing – RedState


Welcome to Saturday, October 21st, 2023. Here is your latest update on the race for Speaker of the House, and today’s entry involves someone who is taking a break from her weird views on Israel to comment on her view of the Speaker race. The lovely and talented AOC can now walk and chew a half-stick of bubble gum at one time and as a nation, we are incredibly blessed to have her pontificating for us, don’t you think?

In case you missed some of the odder beliefs she holds, my colleague Brandon Morse covered that the other day with this AOC’s Views on Israel Aren’t Just Inexcusable, They’re Extremely Dangerous, and if this situation in the Middle East were not so dire, her comments could be taken as comedy.

From that post…

If AOC liking the idea of terrorist attacks against Israel seems hyperbolic then allow me to direct you to a few of her past statements. 

In 2019, she said that Palestinians should riot against Israel because Israel oppresses them. 

“I believe that injustice is a threat to the safety of all people, because once you have a group that is marginalized and marginalized and marginalized — once someone doesn’t have access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot, right?” 

Hamas doesn’t riot. When they become angry, they murder, and they’re angry all the time. It’s odd that AOC…

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