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Is it possible that politicians and non-profits are SBF donated to on the hook to pay investors back? Maybe. – RedState


Now that it’s become blindingly clear FTX crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) — who serves, at this point, as a paragon of social justice, Gen Z business practices — really couldn’t care less about doing good in the world (he admits just that in this Vox piece that should be read by everyone trying to understand how we got here), we can effectively defenestrate the concept of “effective altruism” less than a year after Politico wonderingly wrote of Bankman-Fried’s funding the “niche philosophy that transformed the philanthropy world.”

SBF is not a reliable source of information. According to the child, the philosophy was absurd. Vox.

Politico, back in May, described “effective altruism” as a philosophy “which advocates using quantitative analyses and evidence-based reasoning to maximize social good and mitigate long-term threats to humanity.”

We now know that the gobbledygook of a description resulted in millions being donated to Democrats and crypto investors losing all their shirts.

Federal investigations are possible and underway

More information can be found here

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