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Arizona law prohibits pornography in public schools


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey approved House Bill 24995 by Republican Rep. Jake Hoffman on July 6. It took effect this weekend and means that students in public schools across the state cannot be exposed to pornography anymore.

Although some critics of the bill suggested that Arizona Republicans would prevent children engaging with works depicting sodomy and masturbation, or other sex acts in their stories, Arizona Republicans have effectively censored the “LGBTQ+ stories.” Hoffman reiterated that his goal, now realized was to protect “kids” from sexually explicit material.

The law

The law prohibits children’s use of or referral to textual, visual, or audio materials that contain graphic depictions — literal or simulated — of sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sexual acts (e.g., normal sex, sodomy, and masturbation).

Although early critics of this bill suggested that children wouldn’t be allowed to read books like “The Canterbury Tales”, the bill provides that materials can be exempted if they have serious educational value or if they are significant literary, artistic, or scientific in nature. If the school has parental consent, exempted material may be used and referenced provided that it obtains parental permission in advance.

If exempted material is used in curricular learning or assignments, then…

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