Home News Here’s how a properly-trained army appears as Russia mobilizes

Here’s how a properly-trained army appears as Russia mobilizes



Ari my son and me at Ari’s Infantry Training Graduation

Mark Sumner was awesome this past week, covering Ukraine through the weekend, on his days off, giving me space to spend precious time with my son Ari at Fort Benning, Georgia between his graduation from infantry advanced training, and entering the Ranger school pipeline—one of the hardest schools in the entire U.S. military, the black and gold Ranger tab one of its most prestigious honors.

It was amazing to see Ari spending months in training, and it was incredible to see what Russia is doing for its countrymen during its time of its Partial General mobilization over the past week 


Every soldier in the U.S. Army receives 10 weeks of basic combat training before moving on to advanced individual training. My son attended school for 22 weeks, which was almost six months, in order to become an infantryman. It is not much, but it is enough to get him started. His platoon learned basic infantry skills, such as responding to ambush and assaults, while also learning other squad -….

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