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A look at the propaganda of the Kremlin as we prepare for the next stage of the war



A Ukrainian boy celebrates the liberation his hometown in Kherson, oblast

If this war was a long-running television series, we’d be in the off season, with writers writing new scripts, actors resting up, and the props department designing new sets, gear, and costumes. Season 1 was the Battle of Kyiv. Season 2 was the grinding battle for the Donbas, ending with Russia’s capture of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Season 3 saw the Russian triumph at Izyum and the liberation Kharkiv Oblast. Season 4 saw the liberation Kherson. We are now curious to see what the writers have planned for the next season. It’s Melitopol. Northern Luhansk, also known as Starobilsk and Svatove in the northeastern Ukraine More Donbas slaughter? 

Artillery is smashing into the contact line on both sides, and there are fierce battles These are happening, but check out these two reports from Ukraine’s General Staff. The usual list of Russian suicide attacks. 


With Kherson removed, and Ukraine in control of most of Kharkiv oblast, Russia’s sputtering offensive operations are relegated to just…

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