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At Qatar World Cup, Teams May Win but Brands Will Not – WWD


Rumours about fashion at the soccer World Cup in Qatar have swirled for the past few weeks.

There was a story about models due to work at a special fashion event there who were refusing to go because of the country’s record on LGBTQ rights, and gossip that some of the biggest names in the fashion world were thinking about pulling out of the same mega-runway event for similar reasons. It was also suggested that traditional sportsman-like behaviours, such hugging after scoring a goal or hugging, would have to be modified in the conservative country. Those surfaced after Khalid Salman, World Cup ambassador and former international footballer for Qatar, described homosexuality as “damage in the mind” during a TV interview in early November.

But those rumors are said to be false: British media have reported on conversations between officials from FIFA, the event’s organizing body, and Qatari authorities in which the Qataris said that, during the World Cup, security staff would take a more lenient attitude toward things that are usually unacceptable in the country, including public displays of affection, wearing or carrying a rainbow flag, unmarried couples staying in the same room, as well as standing on a table or chair and singing a football fan song.

A traditionalist Muslim monarchy is found in Qatar.

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