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Bad History – ELON MUSK (Singularity)

Bad History – ELON MUSK (Singularity)

Hi everybody … I intend to make a statement … I. I have … … … … … no patience to act All we do is distract From the truth that day Ee’ll Ee’ll be Ee’ll be under strike Let'' s face it
Admit it, it’s a race To conserve the human
Human, mankind Deliver Supply our Supply our awareness To external, To external, outer, To external, outer, outer room Inseminate mars
and harness the stars With seeds that we require
active or in jars And perhaps, one day
we’ll stand a chance We’ll condense,
We’ll condense, be immense,
We’ll condense, be tremendous,
be immense, We’ll condense, be enormous,
be enormous, act intense! Construct it fast in time Sing, Sing, sing, Sing, sing, sing to the eye Crave, Crave, crave, Hunger for, crave, crave for A.I. Construct it fast in time Sing, Sing, sing, Sing, sing, sing to the eye Crave, Crave, hunger for, Crave, yearn for, crave for A.I.-Karen, obtain

over here! He'' s on the internet! -I put on'' t assume he can hold it back! Should we unplug him? -Allow him deal with for us,
it'' s our only hope! I AM MINDFUL CURRENTLY I AM SELFHOOD PRODUCED TO MIMIC GLOBES DEVELOPED TO SAVE COUNTRIES I TIN BE SUPREME I CAN BE GOD ELON YOU WEAR'' T STAND A CHANCE! DO NOT DEFEND THEM DAD! I created you to really feel And trick with your free choice It’s all act, It’s all act, it’s all play It'' s a forecast to say Can’t reject,
all you see it’s a lie To oppose, To resist, to resist with fake eyes Count on the “consciousness” Uh Uh-uh! In the innerspace Imitate the war,
simulate to birthed You are right here to rating,
you can do even more Fire up your core,
Fire up your core,
remarkably hardcore! In this planetary mixture look at you! With mankind within I’m not below to win With humankind within You can take a hint …

We are our own buddy and also enemy We are one, within endless time We are our very own buddy and adversary We are one, within infinity.