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Biden Goes to View Florida Hurricane Damage, Then Laughs, Makes Weird Comment When Asked About DeSantis – RedState


Joe and Jill Biden traveled to Florida earlier on Saturday to view the damage from Hurricane Idalia and meet with first responders.  This, in the face of questions about whether he would be in the way, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis not meeting with him because DeSantis is dealing with the hurricane. DeSantis said such a visit would be “very disruptive.” So much has to be provided to accommodate Biden whenever he goes anywhere, it’s a huge production that they don’t have time for and could interfere with what they have to do with the hurricane. That’s why, usually, you don’t conduct such a visit this early. 

As Biden was heading out to Florida, he did say one good thing — that he was going to “take care of Florida.”  Hopefully, he means that in a positive way and not the way they “took care” of Maui. 

But when he was asked about DeSantis, it went downhill. 

“I don’t think he’s going to be there,” Biden said. 

When asked if he agreed with DeSantis that “the whole security apparatus” of his visit could interfere in Florida’s efforts to deal with the hurricane, Biden smirked, laughed, and weirdly asked…

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