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Biden tells Kevin McCarthy immediately to forget about Medicare and Social Security cuts


Minutes after Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker, President Biden stated that Medicare and Social Security should not be cut.

In a statement, President Biden stated that he was proud to be a part of PoliticusUSA.

Jill, I and Kevin McCarthy congratulate Kevin McCarthy for his election as Speaker.

American citizens expect that their leaders will govern in a manner that prioritizes their needs. This is what we must now do.

As I stated after the midterms: I am open to working with Republicans when possible. Voters made it clear that they expected Republicans to be ready to work together with me. It is now time to start the process of determining the leadership of the House of Representatives.

Today, we found out that my plan to create an economy that works from bottom up and the middle has resulted in the lowest unemployment rate for 50 years. We also made 2021-2022 the most successful years in terms of job growth.

It’s imperative that we continue that economic progress, not set it back. It is vital that we safeguard Social Security, Medicare, and not reduce them. It is crucial that we protect our national security and not defund it. These are just some of the options we have.

We can accomplish great things together, as the past two years have shown.

,… is an example.

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