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Biden falsely states that his son died in Iraq


Inadvertently, President Joe Biden said Wednesday in Colorado that he had a child who died in Iraq.

Biden seemed to be referring specifically to his son Beau Biden, when he said that he was the “father” of a man who won a bronze star and a conspicuous military medal and lost his life fighting in Iraq.

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After a battle with brain cancer, Beau Biden died in 2015. “It is with sorrow that Hallie Hunter Ashley Jill and I announce Beau’s passing. Beau was a husband and brother to me. He fought brain cancer with the integrity, courage, and strength that he showed every day of my life.” Biden released a statement at the time. He was a major with the Delaware National Guard. He served as an Iraq War veteran, and was awarded the Bronze Star.

According to The New York Times Beau Biden was a Judge Advocate General’s Corps member and deployed to Iraq in 2008, according to the Times.

Biden indicated that his son’s cancer was linked to burn pit exposure.

Biden has been known for making gaffes throughout his life, but many believe that his mental abilities have declined over the past few years. Biden, who turns 80 in the next year, will be…

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