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Biden Lounges at Beach While U.S. Embassy Evacuates Personnel, U.S. Forces Face Multiple Attacks – RedState


Joe Biden is at his Delaware beach house this weekend on yet another one of his vacations, as everything is imploding in the Middle East. 

You would think he didn’t have a care in the world as he shuffled along the beach with his wife.  

Not only do you have the Israeli-Hamas war. You have Americans being held hostage in Gaza, along with Israelis. You also have multiple U.S. bases/positions under attack over the past several days. The U.S. disclosed some of that on Thursday regarding an attack in Iraq. But Biden didn’t even mention it in his big speech on Thursday, where he was trying to sell the American people on more aid for Ukraine by comparing it to Israel. Biden’s priority seemed to be on funneling aid to Gaza and Ukraine, as well as trying to promote himself. 

As Newsmax notes, Biden doesn’t want to acknowledge this because it would highlight yet more Iran-backed people attacking U.S. forces, and that would focus more attention on his deals with Iran. 

Not only did he not even publicly acknowledge it, but where is the U.S. response? We’ve had people wounded in the attacks. Yet there has been no response. He’s talking more about Gaza…

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