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Biden Offers Hawaii Fire Victims ‘No Comment’ From Beach Chair


Nearly 100 people have been confirmed dead after a catastrophic wildfire raged through Lahaina, a historic town on the island of Maui, but President Joe Biden is too busy vacationing near his Delaware beach home to care.

As of Sunday, the deadly fire was largely contained but rescuers had only picked through 3 percent of the charred ruins. They warned that the death toll on Hawaii’s second-largest island is expected to rise significantly as the search for some 1,000 missing people continues. The cost of damage to the island’s infrastructure, which Gov. Josh Green estimated to be close to $6 billion, is also expected to rise.

The deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history deserves more attention not just from the media but also from the White House. Biden, however, offered reporters “no comment” on the tragedy, its victims, or its survivors as he wrapped up his tanning time on Rehoboth Beach on Sunday.

The president could have easily mentioned the White House’s official statement released on Wednesday ordering “all available Federal assets on the Islands to help with response.” Biden also could have pulled a talking point or two from his Thursday speech about the calamity. Instead, he refused to say a word of compassion.

Biden’s “no comment” shows yet…

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