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Biden Shredded Over Creepy Video Of Him Pretending To Nibble A Frightened Little Girl – ‘I’d Be Getting The Police’


“Fox News Tonight” guest host Piers Morgan ripped President Joe Biden over an odd video showing him pretending to nibble a small girl during his recent trip to Finland.

Believe me, I wish I didn’t just have to type those words in that order when referring to anybody, let alone the leader of the free world. But here we are in 2023, with a President who has a vast history of creepy behavior around women and children.

The forthcoming video comes to you via an incident in Helsinki, where Biden greeted embassy staff members and their families before he boarded Air Force One late last week.

Words can not do it justice. In what social media users have alternately branded “strange” and “creepy” behavior, Biden pretends to gobble up the child who is clearly uncomfortable.

He then moves in for either a peck on the head or his trademark sniff.

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Morgan Rips Biden For Frightening Little Girl

Morgan couldn’t help but go after President Biden over the video that showed him pretending to nibble on a…

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