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Biden’s ’Made In America’ Plan Is Bullying Homeowners Off Their Land to Build a Taxpayer-Subsidized Chip Plant


Michelle Nuzzo Kelly remembers feeling somewhat confused when she was first offered a house for sale by someone out of the blue.

She recalls placing the agent on speaker to allow him to hear the hammering. She explained to him that it was the sound of a new roof being installed. It was a $10,000 expense—hardly the sort of thing you’d do if you planned to move. It was September 2020.

The calls continued to come in. The calls continued to come. They included offers—the first was “a slap in the face,” says Nuzzo-Kelly—and it wasn’t long before she got fed up with it. “I told her to stop calling me. My house is not up for sale. “There is no for-sale notice on my property.”

The same requests were made by neighbors at the same moment. She and the other Burnet Road residents, which is a dead-end asphalt strip about 10 miles north from Syracuse, New York, began to unravel a little of what was going on.

The homes of the couple were located adjacent to semi-wooded land owned by the county. White Pine Commerce ParkThis parcel had been long considered as an industrial area. Onondaga County hoped to expand the parcel to make it more desirable to potential developers.

The county was coming to her home. 

Nuzzo-Kelly attended a public meeting with her neighbors a month later than the calls were made.

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