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Biden’s Nibbling in Finland Another Sign of Dementia


Biden’s Nibbling in Finland Another Sign of Dementia
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If you don’t think Angry Joe Biden needs a checkup from the neck up after reading Axios’ revelation that he frequently rages at staffers with colorful language, you will when you see the latest video of Biden’s bizarre behavior.

The video shows Biden nibbling at a baby girl as her mother holds her.

The footage is Code Red creepy. But more than that, it’s clear evidence that Biden isn’t playing with a full deck, as impulsive, uninhibited behavior is another symptom of dementia.

The Video

Nibblin’ Joe’s latest outrage occurred in Helsinki, Finland, as he said “so long” to embassy staffers.

He moved in on the little girl, who recoiled with a frightened look as he began nibbling on her shoulder — NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Then the octogenarian made faces at the horrified toddler.

Kissing her — another of Biden’s patented moves on the opposite sex — was out of the question as far as she was concerned. The girl turned away as if she’d seen Pennywise, the child-eating clown in Stephen King’s It.

Understandably, the usual Twitter fury, and hilarity, ensued. Creepy Joe was at it again.

“Joe Biden’s dementia has gotten so bad that he’s now confusing babies…

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