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Bitcoin Q&A: Trump, the Economic Crisis


[AUDIENCE] Trump’s unsupported claims about everything
“”Draining pipes of the overload”” in Washington is also corruption. What is the connection between that and the
[Federal Book] And all the rest. Thanks. [ANDREAS] Trump and his statements are also important
This is a great opportunity for Americans to learn German. [Laughter] The initial word I can show them is '' Schadenfreude.
'. It will be searched by a lot of Americans. [Giggling] Thank you. I can'' t pronounce it effectively. [It indicates], '' the happiness in seeing a person'' s. misery ' as their hopes and also dreams … of draining the swamp are squashed by the reality.
A political leader in the establishment who is completely out of touch. [TARGET MARKET] [Continuing on]We are clearly the best.
Trump’s actions were like a failure of statecraft.

Or RNC, actually. It was something I always expected. [ANDREAS] I did. [AUDIENCE] Do you want to repeat it?
[ANDREAS] I have been telling people all over the world that I have invested the last six month…
Trump would win in Europe and all other countries. I was not believed. [AUDIENCE] I'' m talking. The pollsters are the ones who have influence over the parties. [ANDREAS] Right. [TARGET MARKET] Some group ballots were held.
His win was predicted. It seems like a failure in statecraft. It was a humiliation for D.C. Don'' t we have an issue, though? We don’t need the statecraft failing to fail.
This could indicate, however, a failure in business economy. [People are] Seeing the truth is what we should be focusing on.
Modern technology is everywhere, as well as performance statistics. Efficiency is one of our concerns.
[ANDREAS] I have a question for you. I believe that the following would be of great benefit to us:
This is also what you mentioned in relation to applications. Shouldn'' t we try to find engines of growth instead of.
Economic services: Self-referencing development [ANDREAS] I’m sure that you will agree. I will also repeat the concern.
Was this an economic or national political failure? Shouldn'' t we be looking at the origin.
Bitcoin can also be used to increase innovation

Basic monetary services? Yes. You will see that autonomous organizations fail.
It’s usually because financial institutions have failed, and markets have also fallen short. This is why it is a dipping system. The U.S. political systems failed to realize this fact.
The reason 2016 was so poor is that 2008 was the year the economy crashed. This is due to the fact the markets had stopped working years earlier.
Glass-Steagall, and other [regulation] Economic failure can be caused by market failure
Institutional failure is the result. All of the cultural foundations are slowly being lost. Yes, financial applications are not all that we need. Bitcoin is an economic system. It offers a trustworthy, transparent market option. Bitcoin is being used as a form of leave.
It uses the true market value for your currency even though all the markets have been shut off artificially.
If there is more water than the one you have, the water will go downhill. You have created a dam.
The power is still there despite the man-made restrictions. Bitcoin happens to be a hydroelectric plant that is resting on.
This dam: the higher the water level, the more volume and the greater the difference.
the much more Bitcoin'' s engine will spin. Why? Because it is truthful. It will achieve this with a market mechanism. We will also need governance devices to manage. Some of these establishments have actually been hurt. We must recognize that we are in a difficult situation. There is a currency crisis that has swept across the globe, not just here in Britain. If you are in crisis, you put on ' t search for ways to. You can improve the opera house. Secure the waste.

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