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Black Protester Hugs Nazi and Asks “Why do you hate me?” – UPROXX


What would you do if you came face to face with disgust? Would you scream? Would you punch me? Aaron Courtney, a senior highschool football player
Gainesville trainer, Florida. The response was hug. Courtney ran from an objection.
Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, made a speech at University of Florida in which he was criticized.
His potential to confront someone who despises him. He had simply one inquiry: “” Why the f * ck you don'' t like me?” Randy Furniss (a neo Nazi skinhead) didn’t.
He did not have an answer. Courtney took his father’s hand. Furniss was able to give him a hug for his teaching as a bishop. Furniss also received a reply: It’s a gesture of respect for a former white.
The supremacist believes that a punch is more efficient than a punt, and Samantha Bee has recently been dedicated.
It has a whole joke section. “I would think of it in the background,.
Nobody has changed their mind because they typed the name. Because it makes them the target. … hug a Nazi.” Christian Piccolino runs Life After.
Dislike, a counter-radicalization team, and also says that the key to reaching and also changing.
Recognition of white supremacists.

“The most effective way of causing hate…is with.
love. “”'I ' m sorry. “You stated what you are currently doing.” “Daryl Davis is a Chicago blues musician.
In eradicating hate, Davis has also used love and understanding. Davis has been a significant part of 200 Ku Klux Klan members’ decision to give up their robes in the last 30 years. “If you only spend five minutes, it’s just five minutes.
You will find something in common with your arch enemy. Davis’s views are not shared by all.

He appears with two Black Lives Matter lobbyists. In Accidental Politeness he attempts to clarify his technique. “”We all have the right to live in this country with one another.” We do.” Or else, we’ll end up self-destructing.” “Instead time-consuming costs, the.
History of hate: Why not spend your time collecting the history?
us?” Critics of Davis, and those who are trying to fight.
You hate hugs. Ask yourself: Why should the burden of being the larger individual always fall on those who are less fortunate? “Especially on those of shade.” “And while the principle is to hug the bigotry.
Eye-catching is the best way to show your personality. You are in danger if you do this.
Face a person whose whole ideology could put your safety at risk This inquiry has divided schools.
Malcolm X believed in Civil Legal rights and urged for equality.
…” The “tool of love” There is no way to eliminate hate.
tolerance and intolerance. How do you approach a Nazi? Is there one in your area? There is a possibility that you could.
You could open someone’s eyes to a new perspective by compassion. For UPROXX, I'' m Steve Vasquez.

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