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Black Protester Hugs Nazi And Asks “Why Do You Hate me?” – UPROXX


What would you do if you were confronted by disgust? Would you yell at someone? Would you punch me? Aaron Courtney is a secondary school football player
Gainesville coach, Florida. The reaction… was hug. Courtney ran away from the protest.
Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, made a speech at College of Florida in which he identified as a racist.
His chance to meet someone who doesn’t like him. He had just one question: “” Why the f * ck you put on'' t like me?” Randy Furniss was a neo Nazi skinhead who didn’t.
There was a solution. He looked instead. Courtney took his daddy to that moment.
Furniss was greeted by his mentor, a diocesan of heart. Furniss received his response.
Supremeacist advices are more reliable than punches, and Samantha Bee is now also dedicated.
It has a whole tongue-in-cheek section.

“I would definitely imagine in the history of this world.
No one has ever changed their view since they first typed it. They are now the target. … hug a Nazi.” Christian Piccolino runs Life After.
Hate, a counter-radicalization group, as well as claims that the secret to getting to and reforming.
Recognizing white supremacists will be difficult. “The best way to eradicate hate… is with.
love. “”'I ' m sorry. “You stated what you are currently doing.” “Daryl Davis is a Chicago blues musician.
In order to break apart hatred, has used love and understanding.

In the wake of Davis’ friendship, 200 Ku Klux Klan Members have given up their bathrobes for years. You only need to invest 5 minutes. Your arch enemy
You’ll be surprised at how much you have in common. Davis is not the only one who disagrees. In Accidental Politeness, Davis sits down with activists from 2 Black Lives Issue to explain his process. We do.” “We’ll end up self-destructing if we don’t.” “Rather than accumulating and hanging out, we should.
History of hate: Why not spend that time trying collect the history from which it was taken?
us?” Critics of Davis, and those who seek to remove.
Hate with hugs? Ask: Why should the concern of being larger always fall on the oppressed?” People of color, especially. “Also, the principle of accepting the bigotry.
You are putting yourself at risk by judging someone as attractive. You may meet someone whose entire belief system is against your safety and security. This is a question that divides schools. Thought in the Civil liberty motion as well Malcolm X advised equality” everywhere. required… “While Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached. concern the “weapons for love”. There is no guidebook on how to eradicate hate. Both intolerance and hatred. Which is the best way to approach a Nazi. Is there a better way? If you had a chance to, it would be in some way. Would you open the eyes of a person to a whole new worldview, and show compassion? For UPROXX, I ' m Steve Vasquez.

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