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Bud Light Keeps Pretending Mulvaney Disaster Didn’t Happen, Kicks off NFL Season With New Ad – RedState


In this episode of “No Way Is This Bud Light for You”…

Bud Light’s latest desperate attempt to pretend the most ill-advised marketing decision in the history of marketing decisions — the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney collaboration — didn’t happen is pinned on a new ad campaign aimed squarely at America’s football fans.

But before we get to the new ad, let’s take a short walk down Bud Light Memory Lane and check out where America’s former number-one-selling beer now finds itself.

In early July, Bud Light was hit with Costco’s notorious death star, which suggested the mega-retailer would soon discontinue stocking the product.

As additional retailers began to shift shelf space to other brands, Bud Light continued to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and lay off hundreds of workers.

Even worse, as the Mulvaney-link carnage continued, Anheuser-Busch InBev began to sell off some of its other labels, including eight of its craft beer brands.

With industry analysts predicting Bud Light will permanently lose roughly a quarter of its pre-Mulvaney market share, the battered brand continues to, in effect, pretend the disaster never happened.

On Thursday, Bud Light kicked off its nearly 30-year sponsorship of the National Football League (NFL) with an ad featuring everyday football fans doing everyday football…

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