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A Progressive Tower of Babel is being built


January 2016 was my first day as President and CEO at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, a 70-year-old Jewish advocacy group and community relations umbrella organization for the American Jewish Community. My first day at work, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, (JTA), published an opinion piece that I had written. The Anti-Israel Trend You’ve Never Heard Of, in which I argued that the progressive doctrine of “intersectionality” was a danger to the Jewish community.

“If a group sees itself as oppressed,” I wrote, “it will see Israel as part of the dominant power structure doing the oppressing, and Palestinians as fellow victims. This oppressed group may be open to joining hands with the [anti-Israeli] BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] movement.” Regrettably, the dangers I warned about in that article have come to pass.

A definition of “intersectionality” published by Oregon State University.

My article was noticed by many within the Jewish community. This led to the publication of several opinion pieces that criticized me. The Jewish community’s ideological left, which views intersectionality as the cornerstone of progressive politics and holds it to be a fundamental principle of their ideology, was outraged. In New Voices, a magazine for young Jewish adults, Chloe Sobel responded, “Intersectionality is valuable not because it can make Israel…

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