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After delays and catastrophically incompetent count, Arizonans are calling for a fresh election



A week of confusion and incompetence in Arizona’s elections has left many Americans in Grand Canyon State confused. Some citizens are taking action to ensure the integrity of the ballot box.

According to The Gateway Pundit’s report, a group private citizens issued a statement Monday calling for a new, legitimate midterm election on December 6.

“Between the ballot stuffing via ‘Drawer Three,’ the 30% voting machine failures on Election Day, and unexplained extended ballot counting, the election in Arizona cannot be trusted,” their statement said, per The Gateway Pundit’s report.

The private group, which identifies themselves simply as “Arizona citizens,” has also demanded that the new election be held in person with photo ID, paper ballots, and hand counting.

Arizona’s grassroots movement arose after mainstream media reported that they were trying to call Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee for the gubernatorial race in Arizona. Hobbs is also currently Arizona secretary of state.

Hobbs refused her right to withdraw herself from overseeing the election.

These photos, which show black duffel bags being transported into Maricopa County by a number of Twitter users, have been shared numerous times. This further undermines the integrity of the election.

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