Home Politics Can Trump’s Trump-era Trumpism Survive the Republican Party?

Can Trump’s Trump-era Trumpism Survive the Republican Party?


Our leaders are foolish. Our politicians are stupid. Donald Trump, who four short years back was viewed by many GOP operatives as an unpredictable outsider, has just been renominated as the party'' s typical bearer. What happens if he loses? Can a party that lacks leading ideas survive? What happens to political celebrations? What is the process of bringing about new political celebrations? Envision a political celebration that has actually lost its ideological coherence and also is torn apart by different warring factions, after that an outsider and also celebrity prospect emerges with no fealty to the event'' s policy schedule and without any previous political experience. He sets out to contact voters and also regain the White Residence. That'' s precisely what happened … in 1848 when the Whigs backed Zachary Taylor. Philip Wallach, a political researcher and senior fellow at R Street Institute is a resident senior fellow. He wrote a 2017 paper that examined the similarities between Trump’s actions and Taylor’s.

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