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‘Catfishing’ cop had history of messaging underage girls


The murderous “catfish” Virginia cop that tricked a 15-year-old girl online before abducting her and killing her family had been messaging underage girls online for nearly a decade before the rampage, a report claims.

The Los Angeles Times reviewed messages between Austin Lee Edwards (28), and his now-21 year-old victim. They show that Edwards’ perversion towards underage girls started at least seven years ago, before he was caught on the internet posing as an 17-year old boy.

Edwards committed suicide in November after kidnapping and killing his victim, 15 years old, and setting fire to their home.

The victim was not identified by the outlet. She was just 13 when the victim was contacted by the police officer. The police found at least 4,000 messages among the two.

Edwards knew that the girl was minor. He was not able to fish for the girl like he had done at the time he died.

“did i tell you i went trick or treating? :^ )” Edwards reportedly wrote on Nov. 6, 2014. “i totally did. am 20.”

“Me too,” the girl wrote back. “Am 13.”

After meeting in 2014 on Omegle, they continued to correspond for at most two years, according to messages. Edwards, a 20-year old, would also masturbate…

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