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Cephas Hour Offers Relief From the Current Madness – RedState


On his birthday in 1970, Tea for The Tillerman album, Cat Stevens sang, “I know that it’s not easy to be calm when you’ve found something going on.” These are apt words for today’s multiple-front insanity. When, also in 1970, Ray Davies of The Kinks sang, “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls,” it’s doubtful he had the current physical and mental mutilation frenzy in mind. There is a lot of political and socio-economic madness. It’s high time for people to wake up. This is why Cephas Hour’s two most recent episodes, featuring the best Christian music and pop, were created. Knowledge is power. Spiritual knowledge is more powerful than physical power.

The first show starts with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame resident and conservative stalwart Richie Furay with an energetic live rendition of “Wake Up My Soul.” Furay is a treasure; a perfect antidote to foolish behavior on all fronts.

Given how the podcast leans heavily toward the alternative side, more than a few deserving artists don’t receive much air time. This episode I did a lot to bring some other people on the podcast. Benny Hester is one.

This song, “When God Ran,” was #1 on Christian radio for…

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