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China continues to mass arrest suspected protesters


The left-wing outlet NPR reported on Wednesday that the Chinese Communist Party is quietly, but relentlessly, rounding up and imprisoning people it sees as ringleaders in the huge nationwide protests against dictator Xi Jinping’s coronavirus lockdowns.

Unrest had been simmering for quite some time as Xi imprisoned Chinese citizens in their homes, quarantined neighborhoods, and locked down entire cities — always Improbable They were given by surprise, so that no one could escape. And they often didn’t bother to check if there was enough for the millions of people under house arrest. Medicine or food.

China continued to experience coronavirus epidemics regardless. Despite the fact that the regime tried to hide the true number of deaths and infections, the public became increasingly dissatisfied with the incessant lockdowns It was a constant pandemic that lasted for years, as the rest of the world dealt with the Chinese coronavirus.

Late November saw the ignition of a spark that ignited this dry tinder. It was a deadly apartment fire. It was a raging rage Through an apartment block in Urumqi. This is East Turkistan’s capital and home to the oppressed Uyghur Muslims. The Uyghurs had long suspected Xi’s lockdown policies were applied to them with…

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