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Town of Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities January 19, 2023


>> excellent afternoon. Love to name the assembly of the Board of Public Utilities for the Town of Santa Rosa to reserve. Now we have a roll name, please. >> Thanks. Board mber proper? Board member Watts. Board member Walsh. However within the grable there, greater than about Vi chair. No knee air. Test out. Then Let the file display that every one board of public application contributors are provide with the exception. And board member. What's vital about in >> I simply veryone to please mute your telephones are microphones while you're no longer talking within the put away your so phoneand private computer systems and check out and depart your video on all the time. We transfer to merchandise to any statements of abstention through board contributors. Excellent listening to. None. We'll mo to merchandise .1, ich is our learn about consultation. Director Burke >> Thanks. Chair governor contributors of the board merchandise 3.1 is it's a learn about parameters for the ter provide choices. Planand Colin closeenior water assets planner will be presenting and he’ll be joined through our marketing consultant as neatly. Thanks such a lot.

Director Burke, a excellent afternoon chair Calvin and contributors of the board. As director Burkeentioned, I'm joined as of late through Christine Kennedy, who it's Stay technical advisors for this effort. I'm going to offer a little little bit of background data after which I Pass over Kennedy will communicate to concerning the paintings that's been carried out to date after which key center of attention will be speaking about learn about parameters. In my learn about, parameters we want is ency function choices for the learn about. The analysis standards we to assess every of the ones water provides after which the method, how the ones standards would After which I'll come again communicate a bit bit about subsequent steps. After which aftethat level, what we'd care to do. It's have one slide for every of those other for spaces. In order that one a time we will make get your whole questions and y some way lets you have your pondering arranged round every a type of spaces.

So we'll undergo all of this. It's numerous data. A few of its technical. It's a little bit the dense aspect. However once more, we predict the best way we've structured be in a position to make certain that we t all of your questions anered in case can put athe tail finish of this ia approach that's in reality cheap nd useful. additionally sought after to say the primary 3 pieces right here function. The water provide choices and the standards. We did introduce someearly initial formation in Might. After we got here to you and requested you for your toughen in hanging out a request for proposals. So we had a initial Cole in a initial record, water provide choices and initial record of analysis standards. The ones have been integrated within the request for oposals as neatly. We sought after to make certain that. businesses that have been companies that could be making use of its getting proposals would have a way of the place we're coming from and the place we’re looking to head.

incurrinwas decided on via that aggressive procedure. They added this 4th. says, which is the learn about method. And that's the right way to practice the ones learn about standards. And as you'll listen as of late from this Kennedy Chris, excuse the Kennedy will communicate intimately about every of those. Some time we’ve cott to considerablemount of enter on them from key passion teams and stakeholders. Subsequent slide. Please. So only a reminder, the aim is to take a look at how we will diversify and incree ouwater provides. We all know that we rely on snow water for approximately 93% of our provide ea yr. And we all know that cinema water will depend on the Russian river device for approximately 95 to 99% of its provide. So that places us ia place of being extremely depending on one supplier w is very dependent one supply. So it does behoove it for us to make positive that we're diversifying. Expanding the resiliency of our personal provide choices. And Sonoma water is doing personal resiency learn about. We a a stakeholder in that staff. So we're running wi them on that learn about for the regional way. idea that is in reality enthusiastic about Santa Rosa's waters existence for our personal constituents.

So the way, after all, is to take a look at a wide variety of water provide choices that we wouldn't generally essentially will also be fascinated by orange. Imagine. However mild of local weather alternate and in mild of having 3 tryouts on this sentry already. It in reality make sense for us to take a look at each imaginable approach to imagine the feasibility of every kind of water Subsequent slide. Please. So we introduce those inquiries to once more, the device, purposef the venture is to handle those questions. We're if truth be told bringing you our solutions to the primary 3 as of late. That's why that is such a key milestone. So the primary query we would have liked to handle used to be how a lot the water provide optimum to mitigate or possibility of shortages. In order that might be that water provide function Kristie Kenney to discuss and no longer towards via vital vetting procedure internally and additionally with exterior stakeholders.

Which the play choice must be studied once more. We began with a draft record, however that's come via really extensive refinement with a lot of enter from our constituents. What standards must be used? How must we learn about the provision choices that can that come via this in depth technique of in quest of enter from passion? With the ones 3 piecesin position. improbable quaffinto the learn about and that may assist us cope with the following 2 questions, which is which combines of choices which can be maximum possible.

We're going to be best possible for serving to us reach our function. And what's the most efficient trail ahead? As a result of we all know that tenology and we all know regutions that we all know investment resources are all going to modify one day. So what's the most efficient maximum trail ahead? That would be the water provide choices. Plan subsequent. Like? So the scope of labor simply thoughts you once more, it's to have interaction wide variety of pursuits. have our water workforce. That's our deputy administrators from the and their key workforce.

Now we have a stakeholder staff. Those are leaders in organizations throughout our group. And they're representing pursuits various regional. Recled water customers. That cultural recycled water urs. Environmental and local weather organizations and businesses. Industry and financial pursuits, together with chambers of trade and others. A organizations, group ty rvice organizations after which native useful resource company. So too, why staff passion that's occupied with sitting on the desk with us that, after all, our group. We're maintaining group webinars after which of direction, the board of Public Utilities. You’re the key one of our passion, colours. So we come to the next move, which is as of late setting up the learn about perimeter. So we're going to to you the subtle function choices, the standards in the learn about math to get your That might were prison habits.

The learn about. They'll supply us. They're discovering nonetheless nonetheless getorkshop via all of ouspecial passion teams. All the ones other people are going to in a position to listen and perceive what the ones findings are and make feedback, then they'll expand portfolios of choices. And once more. All of our wide variety of pursuits will discuss to the ones as neatly after which neatly flip its plan coming again to have interaction in that white vary of passion That's a substantial piece of the paintings that's being achieved all during this. And it's a slightly a bit of of what this committee goes to speak about. Me. Preliminary section of her presentation in phrases of the paintings that's been achieved up to now and alternatively, she's going to head via learn about, parameters intimately. I'll speak about subsequent steps they usually will ask you to your feedback and your questions. So with that, what I'd care to do is move forward and switch this over to Christine Kennedy once more, she's a technical marketing consultant, would concur and and in reality ntially t that we've had up to now this committee.

Thanks, Colin. And that's an excellent creation. If we will have the following slide, please. >> As Collins in a minute, stroll us in the course of the paintings that we've achieved up to now. We're at a in reality nice milestone issues. And we're about to head into extra in-depth feasibility analys of the provide choices. So this is sweet level to pause an percentage with you, Barry. Out with the function we're taking pictures the place we're at with that standards. We're out with the So the ones are th items might be going via as of late.

Subsequent slide, please. So asar because the timeline, we've were given this damaged up into 2 sort of four main, >> the primary to blue. >> Finishing Basis making have you ever now yourstar function. Now we have our standards evolved.e perceive the method and we perceive what choices have been beginning to have a look at. And that introduced funnel ahead of we transfer additional into piece about talent which is subsequent. After we get via the feasibility states will get started running on a draft plan and ton entrance of you and for coordination. And we had such a lot of etings main into this the place stakeholders, a number of conferences with their water workforce in considered one of our group conferences and every other one arising subsequent week. Once more, every other batch of conferences will occur in in the course of the technical segment And extra conferences reporting from there subsequent slide. Please. To this point calling mentions the make-up of those other We've achieved protected visits. We paintings very intently with the water workforce that's right here, water administrators and in reality honing our standards and makingure that no stone is unturned with the choices that we're going to be comparing for this learn about.

We've had one group assembly the place we had a number of other people again in October. We amassed enter from the group on targets, suppl choices and standards we used on that group assembly and we'll be refing that alongside the best way. We had 2 3 hour in the stakeholder conferences with the Braves stakeholders. We have an overly lively stakeholder staff. Many other people are They're running in t. They're offering enter all the best way via the ones 3 hours and really a success conferences up to now and the stakeholders. We've heard comments. They've in reality loved running with every different in the ones conferences as neatly. After which this time the scenes, we’ve our technical workforce taking enter, refining our thodology and hanging gether those choices thaare about to transfer forrd into the following piece talent segment.

In order that's whe we’re. And I'm going to be sharing the results of that as of late. Subsequent slide, We did summarize for you since we've been receiving excellent in lots of fferent fronts. What that your group, out of your technical out of your personal workforce on the town we've been the usage of more than a few options to remember to get that enter into hybrid meetimes it's bn difficult, ut ere's some key topics {that a} lot of the enter is circling round. We're listening to very strongly is a theme round fairness centering fairness in in resolution making and the way we overview parts have been additionally listening to keyhings round charge efctiveness of provide choices, loud and transparent how that affects maintenance. On the finish of the day, we're listening to issues round group feedback round conservation.

We commence to discuss provide choices in the neighborhood assembly. We heard ques and comments round conservation and affects on charges. Those are the issues that we're listening to. After which finally, I'm in reality listening to strongly a want for better independence. Is Colin point out 93 to 94% of that provides coming from Sonoma Water? So that want for nice in penden diversification of the provision portfolio. So our learn about proposal as of late to accommodates numerous the important thing enter from the assembly up to now and can proceed alongside the best way. And as of late's every other can put for us to get enter from you all.

All proper. To Nixon. So I'm going to speak via this learn about approves. >> We'lloal first and we'll communicate concerning the water provide choices. An outline of our analysis standards. After which finishing on our learn about method for as of late after which we'll take you anyplace you need. Subsequent slide, please. So first off at the function. 100 goalnd the vital a part of the function is in reality what's up there in daring. The function for learn about is diversify and building up the town's provides to reduceependence on no battle, specifically throughout Sonoma water provide shortages have been disruption in supply.

So we're in reality enthusiastic about on that offer, specifically phrases of mitigating droughts mitigating any catastroic interactions after which starting in theeak demanding situations. So how that breaks down on an acre foot standpoint. It appears to be like through 2045 so far as general water provide, we need to 30% of that's thaaround. 7500 acre toes. So at's what we'r for as we expand choices particularly portfolios. As looking to meet that function. In order that's 30% of the town's water call for with provide with town provides to mitigate a affects of cinema, water provide shortages in relation to country screw ups and catastrophic occasions.

This is aroun9 million gallons consistent with day is what we're taking pictures for. That's what that 30% and how this interprets this is able to be about offering part a standard home or indoor call for for potable water with town provides dung the ones carrier disruptions, important amenities are nonetheless prioritized for well being and fety. We're already in a length of a band you're engaged in several in considered one of those. And visitors occasions. And then finally, we wa mitigate any dema demanding situations. So is interprets to about 9 million gallons consistent with day. This implies 30% of the height month averaged a requirement for moveable water once more with town provide. So this is r general function. And that's what's using the develoent of those choices d portfolios ase get additional within the alysis.

Subsequent slide, please. Rationale for the varsity. At the beginning is to offer steerage to toughen the verdict making across the mf the portfolio. This is helping us resolve what you understand, how a lot is sufficient for what we're growing within the provide choices. Different rationale, this will increase the town provide resiliency through having a town provide and scale back is that call for on cinema water? It mitigates shorges inhe snow water provide. Inteuptions in carrier. It will increase our abily to satisfy a portion of the height day call for with town provides. And finally, this this might be accomplished through the years with a mixture of provides. It permits for changes to quantity goal, a person's which can be upper or less than ancipated. And this function and used to be evolved and subtle closely with enter from the water workforce from the group staff and from the stakeholder teams. In order that's our function. That's what we're taking pictures for. So as to get there. We'll undergo opons subsequent on the subsequent ide. We're having a look at a multitude of provide choices for this learn about.

We needed to get started with as many choices as lets foresee and get started refining down. That. So the ing to for varis choices, the descriion of what that is, what the possible provide is. Volumetric Lee with the ones restricting issue. There's round that offer is any proposed are most probably places, the parts which can be section of that offer and cons, you understand, associated with legapermanent and what no longer. Presently, we're having a look at those 5 main buckets, groundwater, the recycled water, however subtle and expanded non-potable, recycled water potency methods and floor water typhoon water provides. St So those are the provision choices that we're having a look at this level on this learn about. You know, you in the course of the method the place wetart to scream wishes down. So we talked concerning the buckets that those fall in for groundwater, the provides that might be having a look atre including groundwater extraction wells changing emergency wells to manufacturing including a S are so for garage and restoration wells. I'm having a look at moreover having a look at regional groundwater extraction. Smartly, so neatly is that perhaps no longer live in the cityhere we’ve a spouse and we’ve a significant section in the ones wells or storag and restoration initiatives.

So that's our mixture of groundwater choices. For recycled water choices within the purified recycled water bucket. We're having a look at water for direct use potae reuse of the remedy plant. We're additionally having a look a tellite plan choices. So potable no longer produced on the Laguna to plant. We're additionally having a look at or satelliindirecuse. So tt would for the usage of groundwater injection or the usage of floor garage previous to that political causes.

Additionally having a look at a regional purified, recycle water choice as neatly. After which nonetheless within the recycled water having a look at exnding the non-potable, recycled water Carrier as an choice. So the ones are our flooring water and recycle water buckets. We're additionally having a look at d promote 2 flavors of the South Ocean to the south and brackets T-cell the follow to prevent. She would most probably be regional choice and ocean could be both Santa Rosa or a regional partnership choice at the South. The opposite space we're having a look at is floor water typhoon water seize. So this is able to be shooting extra flows both from the flows nter waterfronts within the water with the Russian river. Different resources and a couple of other sides of this having a look at injecting in storing this in the opera for for political explanation why, 8 or extra having a look at you in a big floor water frame probably out li are to build a remedy plant round and use for moveable use later. After which finally, we did need to have a look at a conservation choice and that might be potency methods to scale back call for.

And that's competitive incentives for potency proams. the submit to, you understand, will all the time be proceeding our potency methods. Conservation is inherent to all of this. This may be having a look at and other approach or considerably increasing upon it. I'm for lowering call for. Sthese are all the tions that we're having a look at this level within the learn about. Subsequent slide. Please. ale for the number of choices. It comprises each town in town and regional initiatives.e would spouse with otherirms, different for partnership probably a special location. It comprises environment friendly and incentives to scale back call for through the years. And alternatively, this for int from the water workforce from the group anthe stakolder staff. We began with a listing of choices and we've expanded or nd primarily based on that comments alongside the approach. So we've long gone We've long gone via our record of provide choices.

Now we begin to get into how can we move overview his choices? What’s the best possible choice? So we would have liked to percentage as of late. Now we have no longer achieved that analysis but, however pondering about that analysis and the way we're enthusiastic about the standards that we might be evaluating those optio So we've were given a listing of standards that we've been running on. displays numerous from our teams, the standards that all of us have settled on for this up to now, our charge effectiveness. You recognize, that's existence cycle prices. It's in line with the longer term situations for the projecgoals, scalability East, no longer simply how a lot water produce that this, however w can that scale over time is of modular can flex and as we had to each board rivers resiliency. So we would like to take a look at howan choice be resilientn the longer term might be construction sething that during a flood undeniable.

And that can want to y know, its use one day. So resilient. He's a key. They arsome standards for us. What have you learnt loud and transparent from the commity loud and transparent from our stakeholders at this vital review to be certain y mud, there's disproportionate affects on prone communities. Environmental efficiency as a criterion that we added to in reality have a look at simply considered one of those choices.

Supply an asset differently that's no longer captured in someof thespage to one thing have a water provide take pleasure in that. And that would possibly rating rather well and environmental efficiency, felony allowing and regulatory problems. Town regulate every other see that arise on a few of ose regional parts. You can we have the agreements in position after which finally it once we added primarily based on from our more than a few teams used to be multi receive advantages. It's very vital for those initiatives to have lti receive advantages alon the best way. So we would like upload that and particularly to the analysis standards as a result of that hel with investment as neatly. The reason from the standards, it key issues that it's going to hp us differentiat projts we labored reallyard consolidate critia. So we don't have, you understand, 30 other analysis standards that cause them to distinct sufficient so to in reality rating them towards every different. It eliminates any standards that would pose a deadly flaw if it's no longer met, it eliminates any standards that dinot want to stand by myself and once more greats, enter from the water workforce, the group and the stakeholder staff.

All of this has been shared and subtle alongside the approach. So how we use this standards, the primary thwe do is, you understand, we percentage the huge record of preliminary pply choices and we to be able to get into genuine feasibility steps with them. We will be able to't lift that complete record. So we need to display screen out the rest that's simply going to have some they don't or simply be too prohibitive alongside the tactics beginning with step one screening research the place we don't undergo all the validation standards. We glance at 2 key standards. We're doing a high-level review of charge effectiveness and ility. S assist us, you understand, file the reasoning r why provide choices advance furtr or no longer. And it's going to present a shorter record of choices to lift ahead into an in depth feasibility research. We'll be of the criterion in are r every scorwe get into that rubric of scoring space little all the and that we're all sort every, the fear and no longer all criterion are equivalent.

And we do need to pop out of this through the readsheet research whe it’s important to pick out the hight person who scored the best possible criterion our little other and cement. Our weighted extra closely than others. So positive subsequent slide. Once more, we've were given the criterion that they shared at the left. e proposed evaluion trics for every o of those then ready. Those after we get started to match them towards every different. Once more, cost-effective misses scalability. The ones are going to have a better price than probably the most different sides. We additionally in line with comments our stakeholde teams and our water workforce, resiliency and fairness are vital sides and that you just know, that environmental efficiency. So we scored the ones a bit upper when we're evaluating in comparison to felony allowing and regulatory issues we want to undergo evy venture town, regulate and interagency coordination after which multi advantages.

And that's roughly how are proposing the weights for every the sort of standards and can get away. Subsequent slide. Please. So the rationale for undertaking the learn about on this approach is the usage of that screening procedure in reality to spot any non starter choices in that huge record. It's emphasizing key issues akin to charge, resilience and fairness be looking forward to. It allows comparisons unhealthy on qualitative components this kind of regulatory and allowing issues. That is going to comparability. That's gointo significant given the extent of to be had data.

And as soon as once more, we in reality made a lot of beef up Munson refinements to the standards to thstudy method, wit feedck fr the water workforce within the stakeholder staff, in specific, at the method. Seems like this. So the again to calling to speak you via the following steps in that may undergo questions. Thank you such a lot, Kristie. Subsequent slide. Please. So right here's the place we’re We're in January.

As you’ll see, a lotof paintings has been achieved in the previous couple of months to get us to where the place suppl choices within the criterion. Not anything all super quantity of labor has been achieved with a lot of enter from so much ofolks. I estimated that one thing locally of about 50 other people have that contributed to the hassle so a ways, no longer together with what present workforce. we glance out from this level going ahead is Christie mentioned they're going to take eas of the state premiers. Move forward to that learn about after which we'll get to workshop the consequences. The feasibility learn about file that gets vetted through the entire key stakeholders and the portfolio choices to get that. It. So the ones are 2 key processes as a result of the ones will then assist us bud into the next move, which is growing that draft plan. And once more, that still may have alternatives for a lot of enter from our key stakeholders in order that we get workshop as neatly.

In order that's the place we're at as of late. And that's the place we're headed subsequent group assembly subsequent week. We've been selling it. That's social Deputy director Martin did an interview with the day before today. So it's indisputably been an effort to unfold. The phrase. Additionally, our stakeholders mentioned they in reality sought after to have despatched alright pictures to them that they may be able to use in their newsletters or their cial media accounts to assist unfold the phrase. So lately we've were given about 25 other people who registered other people shouldn’t have to check in to wait, but when they check in, they may be able to get a reminder an afternoon or 2 ahead of with the similar hyperlink we're making plans on dointhis on subsequent week at the TWEN-FIFTH from 5 to 7 toes quickly. And necessarily we're masking the similar data with our group that we're masking with you as of late in Crete element. The only distinction might be as a result of we'll be on zoom. And since that is data that lots of the group contributors is probably not in any respect accustomed to in phrases of water supper that type of factor.

We're going to prevent after every a type of parts and spot if they’ve questions or feedback or enter at the function. and spot in the event that they questions and We're going to head via it a little extra slowly with them and make allowance time for all the questions and feedback. And once more, we're going to as we get the primary time supply simultaneous Spanish translation in order that if we’ve other people who need to attend, who are basically English audio system.

They'll be capable of monitor and take part, ask their questions at their feedback reside throughout the assembly as neatly. Subsequent slide. Please. took thispoint. What we need to do is move forward and put need proper up at a time for every of those spaces and open it up and spot what your questions are and what your feedback are. So what we'll do is I feel we'll simply move to the following slide, please. And then I feel take a look at and let me flip it again over to you to type of average that point query cment piece and we'll taking notes and the place we will solution questions straight away.

Nowadays. We will be able to if there's any questions that we want to do homework on, we'll you should definitely make certain that we permit you to know that. get again to you on that. So at this level, I'm governor, going to show it again to you. Thanks. Mist Claus. >> Earlier than we get to board feedback and questions all open it up for any public feedback on merchandise. 3.1. want to make a remark by way of zoom. Please carry your hand. You're dialing in by way of phone. Please Dial famous person 9 to rais your hand. >> There is not any one in elevating their hand and there's nobody drawing near the rostrum in council chambers. Nice. care to do this level is looking to give workforce some path on mainly the 4 parameters we're the usage of to assess the possible water suly choices. So the primary one is the water supy resiliency function. So it open it up for questions. Feedback, workforce path on that factor. rite? Thanks. Chair >> 30% >> numbers, however I'm and it did that.

I don't have any drawback with 30%. I'm simply questioning the place it got here from. I imply, clearly the extra the higher, the extra independents in and bigger provides we expand with on the similar or higher. So the place did the 30% come from? That's my baseline query. >> Move forward and say few phrases. However then Christine would possibly ask you to flesh it out a bit bit additional. So necessarily that used to be our first preliminary function. We positive if we have been too excessive too low, however in running with all of our stakeholders and speaking about what the ramifications would be. I imply, it regarded adore it used to be a sexy excellent point in phrases of addressing a few of those key problems. So, for instance, if we had a ferry, serious drought of 40%. may give 30% of our personal provides and cinema waters offering 60% our We nonetheless have a scarcity, but it surely's very potential. It's no longer a heavy carry. Its no longer a large burden on our group. We'll nonetheless do their section. We'll nonetheless want to preserve. We're going rticipate with the remainder of group, our regional companions, to make certain that we're doing our section.

Nevertheless it takes that that burden incessantly. As I mentioned, we've had 3. Water shortages. And in simply the closing 15 years and every of the ones have requested or group to a 20% aid in use. I suppose chances are you’ll recall director Andoni which can be fish and he has long gone up such a lot that we use much less and not more water consistent with particular person as of late than we did in the previous. And that development is proceeding. So it will get tougher and tougher for our group to satisfy the ones conservation targets. So the 30% used to be a technique to have a look at one thing that might assist us ife had us in excessive scarcity and with that 30%, if we're in a position to try this, it has 2 different items to it. One, if we had a catastrophic disconnecti from snow water, they only may just no longer ship water to us. Then we’d be able to supply plen of water for well being and protection. So this is helping us when it comes to guiding the ones well being and protection wishes. Lets supply about part of rmal indoor water use. Clearly no out of doors water use that might be banned throughout this kind of catastrophic tournament.

However that places us neatly intohat vary of getting sufficient water provide for well being and protection throughout a catastrophic tournament. So there's that 2nd receive advantages to that 30% function. It rolls into having the ability to provi ha as a lot wat as other people generally have r indoor use. After which finally, it's additionally is helping to shave off the height call for. So overseas and standard water provide right here. However we will scale back calls for on snow, maximum water provide. That implies extra water remains in Lake Sonoma. That is helping our wholeegion that relieve somof the power from all of our companions within the area as neatly. So we're extra unbiased and we will shave off our command throughout top days. That leaks water like cinnamon. So what I need to do, thoughouch base. Christy, is one thing you would possibly nt so as to add to And Connie most cancers that beautiful superbly >> you realize it that the driving force in reality having a look at dry years and the way the right way to maintain the ones dry years. So it offers us a in reality robust and resilient component when we will carry that a lot ahead. There's so much Vo I'm getting the and righto give ourselves a function this is, you know, stepd in and giving you some grit, resilience and reliance while you aren this dry classes whe you might be being pressured into this 20% reduce backs.

Know that this may occasionally alternate one day as neatly. So it's a it's a strong quantity, but it surely's additionally a potential quantity. This night. I would really like so as to add to that 2 Christie, one of the issues I tht used to be, you understand, phrases of the rational some of the issues we ntioned. >> That rationale is that. With a proportion function, what it permits us to do it if we in finding the 2045, calls for are a lot less than we projected. Then that 30% to decrease quantity. And in order we're mo5, 10, 15, two decades devoping, new water suppls that may be adjusted accurately to fit what we're if truth be told seeing instructions the or if for some explanation why calls for went up slightly excessive for some explanation why. neatly exceeded what we venture for the longer term.

That 30% function is a pleasant guiding principle for us. So that quite than tiny tree particular acre pictures tying it to that particular person. in reality is helping us with additionally like listening to. You say that it's it's it's associated with the. >> An research of the way water is if truth be told used so that we might be 50% of and protection. That turns out like a excellent cast metric bases, too, to select a quantity. you basing it on how other people if truth be told use the water. Is it that that's excellent justification to me? Thank member Grable. an't inform. can't >> I feel you're thank you for the presentation says in reality attention-grabbing. And clearly president stuff on everybody's In spite of the typhoon volumes I had only some that got here up for me. One roughly associated with what we skilled in develop, which I do know used to be an anomaly.

However simply rt of brought about so much oquestions about the best way we have a look at Peking components and whether or not or no longer we're together with for suppression However originally of astronomical, you understand, a singular, the ngular ranges, proper ere an further call for this is so drastic and now and again unaccounted for thus My first query used to be about that whether or not this this man can components have been together with fireplace suppression as a result of clearly it's one thing that we nonetheless need to be in reality I'm ready for and eager about. Exact, you understand, that's my handiest questions. >> Yeah, it's a terric query. And it’s indisputably integrated. I feel you'll see at the slide right here. Smartly, it's no longer totally fleshed out. We are right here at CES on this classes of the second one level. Essential amenities are prioritized for well being and protection. That comes with purposes like fireplace protection. So, sure, excellent level.

Completely. A part of the calculation. So once we glance at this, it's no longer handiest what we see as our calls for, b additionally integrated all non-revenue water. He says firefighting flushing. Our method trying out hydrants, water loss from our device as a result of our device does have leaks every so often. So when it comes to that, need to make certain that we’re, you know, preserving that that peace of thoughts as neatly. And Christie, ishere the rest that you just sought after so as to add to that? >> No, I feel simply confirming that, sure, the ones are accounted for and an general whilst it feels in reality giant within the second in comparison to the once a year drift, the ones fireplace flows are nonetheless irly small, b they’re accountefor.

They’re pa ofhose important amenities which can be prioritized. >> And I simply additionally upload that, you understand, through having this further provide. It additionally, once more, it is helping us to keep away from that siere we're looking to ly on conservation in occasions of serious want. So once more, this is in a different way to assist mitigate as a result of we're no longer having to simply depend on our group. We're offering further water to ensure so once more, for such things as firefighting, that type of us that further buffer.

Ves >> Simply so as to add directly to that for for the resilient side, for the various type of a water provide portfolio That's it. That's is that some of the targets that such as you wo at any given time rdily to be had for excessive use in the ones circumstances to that. >> Yeah, we're indisputably no longer simply enthusiastic about emergency provide. That might be on standby. We're having a look at that specifically for having a look at a few of these such things as how we t use recycled water in the longer term or if we wereo do one thing like desalination. Thosare initiatives you don't activate and switch off. Willie Nelly, it's no longer cost-effective. So the ones are issues the place they transform section of your common manufacturing portfolio. So completely. d the and the extra benet isif we’ve an extra re powerful day day, portfolio that we will depend on. We’re leaving water in Lake So we're if truth be told the re of our area as neatly. >> After which on at the floor typhoon catcher side of the there used to be a point out of of.

Water captured, for example, from Santa Rosa Creek again into the used to be desires to make it. Used to be it like trade usual meanisms at this time for that roughly rechar as a result of I realize it's prettpretty new stuff proper? >> I'm going to show to Christiane. I do know you additionally have we’ve every other player out of your workforce right here. So I don't know for you would possibly need have solution that one, however that one. That's a grestion, Chris. And I I really feel like I'm no longer slightly in a position to answering it successfully. >> And it relates to a few of the for orage and restoration are in reality simply an injection. Smartly, so in the event you bring to mind a groundwater, the place, you understand, it's necessarily a tube down into the you have a look at tactics in which you place water again into that? We, numerous occasions you n't preurize it.

So it simply dependon the supply that you just're pulling from. You use consuming water. You’ll use floor water you’ll positive recycled water allowing mechanisms and approvals for fferent However they're all getting used. So is he you understand, construction new wells that may't have that capabily retrofitting an current neatly to that. >> Now, that's that's nice as a result of I realize it's been a one thing that numerous so it's ifornia and the st were running on for a very long time. one simply hopes and goals query that got here to thoughts while you're speaking about this when it comes to simply say what our targets are for potency and the following, you understand, 10 or two decades. I do know that it's the corporate's been in reality excellent about reducing ovell utilization regardless of y roughly populaon creases. So it's been it's been a pleasant, great development. What's like? What are we speaking about as a gallon consistent with day consistent with particular person than what's what's a excellent goal? >> The state has some goals that they're going to be requing.

And so we a already assembly. Does usual. So in the long run they're loing at shifting from 55 gallons consistent with particular person consistent with day. For indoor use place of dwelling down to about it. They're they're getting as little as possibly protective 42 gallons consistent with particular person p day for indoor use. After which there's a budge primarily based whether or not primarily based square-foot of panorama base roughly a work that might be for the panorama irrigation for studios in for the business sector. So there's piece that's in position there. What we will let you know now could be that our present GP CD st fore this drought. What about 97 gallons consistent with particular person consistent with day for all of water. Firefighting integrated leaks integrated. All all water use is comptely and that used to be 177 gallons consistent with particular person consistent with consistent with day, 30 years in the past.

So it's a 45% drop. What about her citizens calling? Seems to be yeah. So it's con from from a a I must double take a look at my math. It used to be 65 consistent with pe day within the place of dwelling in 2020. d that's with indoor and out of doors use. And in order that and that's moderate, after all, in the summer time people can use extra water at house as a result of if you're getting within the iciness, they're going to make use of not up to 65 as a result of they're no longer right here gettin However the moderate overl for 2020 with 65 pods consistent with particular person consistent with day and that it used to be 120 backn 1990. In order that's every other 45% building up.

Lower in residential use. The opposite factor that we've achieved is we've achieved an research of the closing 10 years of water. Sure, and once we upload 500 new singleamily hos that handiest will increase our general water call for through not up to part a p.c.If we had 500 rental gadgets that handiest will increase call for not up to one-third of 1 p.c. So with construction code efficiencies and along with her extremely nice 40's potency methods between the ones 2 issues and state mandates. What he says indisputably long gone down and the state is making use of power to make certain that there are laws on garments, washers, dishwashers, all the ones proceed to force use the city in addition to ensuring that businesses like ours are doing the whole lot we will to make other people are the usage of much less water the place we see type of a couple puts the place there's a in reality roughly a Golden Horizon clean up genuine taking pictures level like, for when used to be speaking concerning the methods would possibly type of in reality aggressively use direct set up bogs, in reality nice.

And there are terrific 0.8 kilos consistent with flush bogs. The state usual is only one.0. 2, This phes other people neatly underneath t state usual and th're excellent. Ivery nice,dear methods. However boy, they may be able to positive assist force down events completely. Smartly, I feel folks that replaces a complete of style or a gentle slap early children and all that roughly stuff this is so commonplace with the older irrespective of the robes for flush >> Yeah, that's level.

>> After which the opposite piece is doing competitive panorama. Conversions are business landscapes are usually controlled through pros. And what we discover is when the ones flip from panorama irrigation with turf to low water use. consistent with sq. foot consistent with homosexual doesn't like a I'm sorry consistent with yr. It doesn't sound like a complete lot. However while you upload it up, that's an important water financial savings. So we're alsolooking at cld result in very huge methods. Now we have very excessive point of rebe that might move way past our standard charge receive advantages to push water, use down completely. So let's simply a few spaces the place lets center of attention on what the sufficienc what we're already d we're simply anyone getting simply down to these indoor use is as crucial use. I might suppose that. >> You recognize, almost definitely get down.

25 gallons an afternoon. >> I feel what we've noticed with a few businesses that had, as an example, 40 shorges with this closing path. They set out to about 30 to 35 gallons consistent with particular person consistent with day indoor. So it's indisputably potential, however them with out a few of these further help like environment friendly bogs and, you know, states and that it will possibly be exhausting to care for that. So that's surely nice function for us to paintings against. Thk I in reality respect the entire data.

>> Thanks. Board member will transfer now to board member Walsh. >> Thanks very a lot, Mister presentationf the be that e I feel it's it's very The query appreciate tthe resiliency. Clearly snow water has a really useful a consumer's that's going serve them talent to be relient, to eventualities. to to what extent snow, water It arising with that 30% Now we have type of what's the settlement them. And additionally some say would have. They'll get a take pleasure in the venture. The entire targets that we have, particar variety targets perhaps we juswant to imagine or area we're going to appear regional like on that >> Sure, thanks such a lot for that.

I'm in reality nice feedback director, I might like tdo is. Do my best possible to gi you a bit little bit of an solution with reference to the method after which I am hoping Director Burke would possibly no longer thoughts possibly announcing a couple of phrases concerning the procedure that has been used for the restructure ree discussed and the ones varieties of issues so neatly let you know up entrance, is that Sonoma Water is considered one of the stakeholder heart stakeholder teams they usually're occupied with this venture and they’ve noticed the whole lot that you've noticed they usually helped us to formulate that function. They're additionally running on their Regency. The region-wide resiliency learn about. So they’re projecting that they're going to want to diversify their provides they usually're very supportive all of U.S.. Contractors, the primary to search out our provides. Local weather alternate isn't going to depart. We've gotten super damage this winteris pretty. However, you ow, the projections out for the following 10 years don’t seem to be excellent.

So the lengthy coverage so, you understand, they're additionally having a look at this. And so I suppose there's that piece of it is they're there on the desk with us they usually've expressed no worries or considerations very supportive of thgoal. They've askeus to come and provides an replace on this. And once more, they're sitting on the desk. However let me simply pause for a second. And director Burke, I simply need to see is there the rest you need to to that? >> Thanks. Name. And I suppose you coated it. Smartly, I simply only some minor issues. As Colin discussed, we’re collaborating and the regional resiliency learn about and we're the usage of that data and leveraging that as a part of whate're having a look out for our resiliencytudy. And any initiatives that make sense from a regional standpoint will paintings in combination. No longer handiest used to be Sonoma Water, however the different contractors that could be .

So we're indisputably no longer having a look at this simply only from Santa Rosa growing provide initiatives. However what our wishes are and then what the ones initiatives may just be, whether or not their person initiatives or regional initiatives that might make make up the water we want for that function. The finishing. I will be able to simply be aware as Colin discussed, we do have and the restructured settlement for waters practice a advice from Sanama water. So it's no longer a requirement, but it surely's it's a advice within the settlement that we must have 40% of averaged a in native provides to be had to us. We don't want that at this time. Once more, it's no longer a demand, however it’s one thing that they've really helpful and would like their contractors to be a little bit extra independe. So we're no longer only reliant on cinema water from water provide standpoint.

Very a lot. Respect The function as chairman. >> Thanks. Director director, proper? Did you’ve got any questions or commts with regards to theater provide resiliency function? >> No longer relating to specific slide, however mine are announcing is we considered one of every slide. Graeme Morrison best possible. Sure. K. coming Futurslides that thanks. K. Nice name. I suppose you've were given some beautiful excellent path the board with regards to this primary merchandise. >> Sure, thanks such a lot for that is in reality, in reality useful.

>> Now, if lets transfer into the provision choices for learn about. ♪ So right here we need to make positive that we haven't off the desk. You recognize if it's a wild thought and it doesn't go via that first preliminary segment research, that's advantageous. this a great deal expanded from what we had firstly introduced to. You so we simply need to we need to checked, need to make positive we're no longer leaving the rest out. >> Spread out for board member questions or feedback with regards to water provide choice for our learn about. And I will't see. Director Walsh, your hand is up or is tt from the closing slide? >> It's from the aspect of yr. Alright director proper? >> OK, in any case, I began telling us for topic whether or not your solution up or down or what's occurring.

Yoknow, looked pert. >> All >> a excellent presentation and that it is a excellent procedure, a excellent Just right procedure for to be going irrespective of the end result however my private favourite ofll those projes ishe direct reuse direct potable reuse on the LT Pay. And one query I’ve, is there any replace for direct potable reuse? I do know we've been speaking about this for 10 yr however it sort of feels most probably there's team spirit get quantity selection record the typhoon water seize than the usage of the SR It i turns out adore it's in our space as a result of I will't suppose the place you must do like a L. a. County the place they’ve an enormous stilling basins they usually simply let the water proper down the rivers and unload and a large Reza bore of that deficient soil and ju is going and we fees few in their middle first outright.

A lot of them. And I I like that private favourite of mine this neatly, I'm a bit eager about oundwater. It simply is a tricky and in our space. it sort of feels adore it's sort of a hurry to the pump space with groundwater. So. I'm extra of an recommend of having a look at different choices and flooring even even though I don't recommend that we forestall our flooring battle program. don't recommend in any respect. And anyway, in case you have solutions, my that the great that stand through. Thanks. >> Yea thanks such a lot. Board member proper eye. I take a bit step at this. However I do suppose that case goes to almost definitely have perhaps a bit extra present data than I do and turns a listing use laws that what I'm going to put aside.

I don't have a excellent solution for you there at this time. Paintings is being achieved, however don't have a lot replace you. However I need to ntion that we’ve got been speaking about whether or not it will be efficacious faucet that on the remedy plant assets or would it not make extra sense to have it on the satellite tv for pc website online? why we have already got recycled battle pipe working into Santa Rosa in order that supply device that's in a position there. If we constructed the direct potable reuse on the plan, we've were given to work out a technique to put that water on the south or the ones sorry that type of the South West finish of our device again up. And ck into Santa Rosa. It willasier to transfer. Recycled water into Santa Rosa create the direct potable reuse water there and upload it to our aqua duck to level.

So simply one thing for us to consider is that, you know, we're having a look at a couple of websites, let me simply contact base with a pair different ones. And I feel Christie, I'm going to toss it to you and with stormwater basins. I suppose that we sortf how the roughly generically put right here, whether or not or no longer there could be some puts to try this. No places have in reality leaping out of U.S. at this time. However certaiwill be some having a look at that. One of the crucial skinny mentioned would haveeen present has provide an explanation for to the water workforce is they're going to be having a look at the place with one thing be constructed. So he's having a look a bit bit extra flooring reality. In order that if there is a location, it’ll be kind of known on this learn about. So that we’ve got a excellent sense of the place that might probably happenand groundwater in our space is a difficult one for us. We haven't had as a lot abundance as we had was hoping with all of our neatly. So we've attempted to to have a look at so surely having a look at climate. Lets convert emergency neatly in order that we may just use them any time quite than handiest duri emergencies is an choice.

After which additionally wells at serve a couple of function the place in rainy years we may just recharge the basin so that dry years we’ve the ones credit so that you could pull them out. In order that's every other piece of its that we keep throughout the groundwater sustainability company rt of balae type. You knothat this kind of what is going in and what comes out and so let me Christie, in the event you don't thoughts speaking a bit bit about every submit. >> Positive. And we do have this pa of workforce. Now we have nationwide that serving to us form up and perceive and have a look at the feasibility on those choices.

And also you're proper, Glenn, the re-read or no longer finalized but. They’re coming. However a venture like this going to be a fifteen yr venture to get getting in So, you understand, we're proper at the having the ones laws licensed in within the coming yr subsequent couple of years,t least so. It ia excellent time to try >> Relating to that the choice with typhoon water trail. >> Massi recharge roughly like what they do in Lwhere they roughly Denver and it shouldn't ito a space that can percolate is isn’t precluded are It’s indexed as inject at the bullet time. However you're proper. This is one thing that we can have a look at >> approach Texas yr. knot. All >> Kennedy, I feel you you iced up there foa minute. suppose we misplaced the closing almost definitely is 2030, seconds of your solution. >> So I'm sorry about that.

And the primary piece is solely our recycle water rigs have been in reality shut. The ones aren't licensed on the state point. ey are coming. Take a seat's a excellent time to te a have a look at this feature.The second one is relating to typhoon water.So recharge procedure, so pulling water off a creek or out of an space diverting that and letting that Sieber percolate As you discussed, Glenn, in L. a. unty isn’t precluded in our choices that we're having a look at. It does say inject that may be having a look at what's the most efficient technique to get that water into the flooring.

To that come via? Sure, thanks. Nice. So I have >> Move ead. Calling you need remark abouhaving and >> A remedy plan for the water off website online someplace of a set LT P, you then'lbe in a pipe in there, Brianaround I suppose they'll stay he’ll be probably the most proper position and the geysers. However anyway, that's only a technical factor. However that's it's an overly advanced. in reality It in reality is. Anthat's rt of that. We'v been speaking about thawell. So thankou for the reminr board member. I appriate. >> K. Thanks >> So the query that I had is in relation to the non-potable recycled choice, the growth of the non-potable recycled water Carrier. Wt do you envisio thatook at what seems like doing doing now? >> take a bit bit obit othis one thing that may end up in some conversations that they had with Director Director Burke.

If you happen to do have some further feedback like in reality invite the ones. However a part of what we're having a look at is in the long run how are we able to notonlymprove the water provide situation for oursels, however for the area. So, as an example, if from a park desires to make certain that they maximize all the recycled water use that they have via their contract with us they usually need to increase that then, you understand, we don't must construct it in further distribution device essentially that perhaps we've constructed extra garage.

However what that does is status athletes, water in Lake Sonoma and that least water for us. And it in reality does. It reduces the possibilities of shortages for us as neatly. So it advantages everyoneSo it's type of that roughly thought the place is there a approach the place there's a multi receive advantages for one thing that perhaps doesn't supply new water for our shoppers, however does actually supply roughly buffer or insurance coverage for that. However let me jusstep for a second again. And director Burke, wld you love to the rest to >> Positive factor, UConn and thank you for the query. Turnout and in reality what I sought after to be certain is that we had all choices at the desk to head in the course of the ieening.

Now we have checked out increasing our non-potable, recycle water as device previously. We do have a plan and it used to be followed through this board a few years in the past. The ire to BP, which has the city recycled water growth. It’ll flip now as undergo this analis that it in reality isn't essentially the most possible are cost-effective choice anymore, sought after to make positive that we didn't forget about the paintings that we’ve got achieved. And we have a look at that one, simply because it's the best factor to dto be certain we're taking into account all choices.

2, as used to be discussed any roughly potable reuse or direct potable reuse. They're nonetheless running on the ones control laws and we don't know what that's going to seem like. additionally don't know what the price might end up to be. And likewise, the ones initiatives are take an out of this world quantity of time for schooling to get the group on board. So we need to be certain we're having a look in any respect choices it's completely imaginable that that choice may just fall via and no longer ing that's what's really helpful. However I wantedo ma positive that we're having a look at the whole lot. thanks very a lot. >> board member of a Jason, did you need be going? >>hank you, Chuck. Out calling. Simply sought after to invite a fast query concerning the typhoon.

Water element given the ever-increasing laws round simply Basic typhoon water discharge and intent of in need of to steadily have a look at cleansing. Now, that resour is that partf the analysis that's gog to be with the typhoon water and surfac As a doable element of this. >> I feel at a excessive point, sure, however those are know you're accustomed to this time period. He's going to be categorised review. So, yoknow, it's no longer going to et story as you mig Sure, surely it's having a look at a multi receive advantages. Once more, this is a type of multi going venture so, however I feel it gained't solution probably the most advantageous song.

Questions that you just depend I will see you’ve got on your thoughts. But when we have been to see that that we via and it used to be vy possible and got here some of the portfolio choices and we get to that level the place we're creating a resolution about it. I feel that's the place we in reality path into much more of the ones main points however Christy, let me ask you, if if there's the rest you sought after so as to add to >> That's excellent query. Any choice that's going to have some regulatory you understand, a necessity for added remedy and cleaning and sharpening not one of the water. We're ant to seize the ones prices. So we’ve a real existence cycle prices once we're evaluating thalternatives. So at some point that might be in there. >> Thanks. Vice chair fast query.

I imagine the water we ship of the pipeline to the geysers is be classifieds the purified recycled water. It's no longer. So it's non-potable. K. I'm simply wondering whether or not they may be able to take issues like promoting the Ocean water, socially or or non-potable water in which may be utilized in the within the pipeline to the geyser >> So I'll simply be briefly. lately we produce tertiary handled recycle water. That's non-potable. That very same water is going to the geysers and in addition is going to our group been counity. if we're having a look at a purifd, recycle water, potable reuse, that's every other point of remedy we might must do. After which we might resolve, you understand, usually they're going to visit that point of remedy. You're going to be consuming that water proper? In phrases ofould different resources be utilized by the geysers sure, I imagine so. They lately, I feel have a water provide supply from Lake County.

That’s not a tertiary point remedy. However the ones are many discussions that we might have and in reality need to perceive. You recognize what in thfuture they're having a look for? extra within the realm Greene concepts. so long as we're speaking them. >> Sure, they usually coming. We are taking into account all choices. Sure. >> I might upload only one factor to ly that you may in finding fascinating. It's my working out Calpine could also be it very early levels having a look at recapturing the And so and I feel there are a variety of other people in different nations the place they this type of procedure for producing blank power that also are having a look at that.

However I feel the generation is reasonably new when it comes to how they’d do this. I feel they're having a look at the right way to stay each Trump they may be able to as a result of it in reality is helping to them to be in a position to rechargesteam vents. >> What I need to glance to search out out ishat Thank Board member Grable. >> That used to be the appears like we're all pondering the similar factor. Wendy, the query up d recycled water and provide and use and thus no longer. That used to be straight away the place my thoughts you know, what's what's taking place? No longer simply with the geysers, you know, contractually and what we're doing, however we all know that if everybody is operating on resiliency, proper? We might suppose Calpine d the geysers would even be workinon extra resiliency, extra potency and in all probability extra tale And so that, yeah, that used to be my query is, you understand, if we're having a look at each purification but additionally expanded availability of recycle wer ground within the current makes use of, but even so the geysers, our agriculture been much less excellent information is that turns out to me to get inteenough spherical to discover different choices with a bit of luck a resiliency.

So thank you for approximately >> Yeah. Thanks such a lot for that board member Graybeal in reality respect slots. All Walston. Sure, thank you very r a lot. I simply wanto say that the workforce its candidate they're managing this the scope of labor to do clearly create the extra we need to get. Stand up to the opposite Larr Advantages or the essential initiatives. Respect them out disco. It's the similar time put this a lot entrance of the deal with typhoon water receive advantages. They have some charge financial savings this week we don't there'a lot nonetheless the typhoon water venture we inform used to be that man'sot jets as neatly. So it's that you just discussed the scope of this and banks. >> Thanks such a lot for member Walsh. And I feel that's some of the key causes why there's that preliminary screeninprocess as neatly to have a look at. The place is the bestse this scope of worto drill into the finer element? Some excellent remark. Thanks. >> Excellent. I feel that almost definitely board member feedback and path in relation to provide choices for learn about.

Let's transfer now to the analysis standards. If we cod, please. >> Now simply remind you, it's going to be simple for us. I suppose transfer from this to the method. However this items, are there ancriteria lacking or you’ve got any questions about what the standards are and en we will speak about wholesome appld with subsequent flight. However that is in reality extra concerning the content material and no longer the process at this >> Be mindful, Wal's your hand up once more or is it used to be fromhe closing slide. Stars from the closing like thank No drawback. From my standpoint, Mister Shut.

I feel that the standards appears to be like excellent. I don't have any specific questions about any of them. I feel they're all vital standards. After we move to overview the more than a few choices, we're going to be having a look at. So I'm I'm advantageous with him. Different board contributors, questions or feedback. Thanks for your cash. >> As a result of my my ears perd there's numerous passion in the problem of fairness it appears and comments won. And that's essential factor around the board. I simply don't know how it applies to this.

And I don't perceive how. Our water device is designed to offer water to everyone. I'm no longer positive the way it may just disproportionately have an effect on. Prone group through doing any of those th And so I I assume m a bit unclear onhe idea. >> Yeah. Thank youo a lot for I I feel. One idea that involves thoughts, let's say we finally end up doing we take recycled water. We're going to advance remedy. We're going to show it into potable. The place can we put that treatmenplant? Is it within the porous community? Had been neighbors must maintain, you understand, possibly, you understand, 24 hour-a-day manufacturing and sod and quantity or one thing like that. And they might be disproportionately impacted are going to in a position to discover a position to do thathere there in reality isn't that despatched similar point of have an effect on on other people are extra prone.

Our working out once we communicate about it internally we intuitively have been together with fairness already as a result of in reality our water division will do the rest that esn't meet the so of elementary fairness requirements. So we don’t have any passion in having unavoidable. I'm sorry. Disproportionate affects on the only communy over every other. Our device is about up with redundancies and the high quality of our water is constant and so there are the ones types of problems asell. But when for se explanation why, I'm you understand, there have been some piece of this and had to be thought to be. We need to make positive so some of the issues I communicate to would concur and about early on indexed they’ve any person in space who's were given some experience on this space they usually accomplish that what? What they're going to be doing phrases of the method nonetheless be for0's standards. Extra working out of the right way to one thing rating. Let's say the rankings one to five every of the standards. Fairness would have a approach of working out what the rating of one, 2, 3, 4, 5 used to be in. It wilbe in a type of matrix in order that that's in reality clear.

And because it's being scored, every initiatives being rating to be transparent, no longer handiest to assess water, other people and also you as the governing frame, but additionally to the group. What can we imply through I wasn't measure wh th. I need to take a look at with you, Christie. Is there the rest you'd like so as to add to >> Issues I feel it is a metric I'm turning into extra and extra vital and we're fall time beyond regulation as neatly. I feel. 00AM on the facility. >> The place we installed you understand, the one position we will put it is in reality going to have an effect on, you know, in an overly low source of revenue group or communityis prone after which that's no longer going to neatly. In order that's we sought after to seize it. We additionally heard fairness when it comes to we get ready affects and making positive the distribution this is equitable gained't be having a look precisely at that. In that learn about, it's a very powerful parameter to uerstand. So we'll be running with thei workforce as a result of that is arising around the West and the way you assess this to in reality outline that and make we've were given the proper parameters round that.

We're taking into account it in tactics that we haven't previously. >> The the instance of this website online variety that that matches proper it. are aware of it a lot er >> Rember proper? couple feedback through standards is the scalability However one standards have been standards, regardless of the phrase that I I like to recommend that we imagine one thing venture that may be coupled every other. So you’ve got 2 initiatives percentage assets or no matter as a result of it sort of feels to me we're going to have need to have multi. we're no longer going to come back out. One venture a couple of initiatives and so initiatives at supplement every different, I assume is the phrase I need to say.

I would possibly even be thought to be as standards. >> Thanks for proper. And thankfully, I feel that falls beneath most commonly receive advantages. So if there's a venture that during and of itself. In fact makes every other venture, he's right here or has otr advantages like,ou ow, it's typhoon water, compliance, perhaps indirectly associated with consuming water, however it so there's a couple of tactics that that multi receive advantages will also be thought to be. So I feel that's the excellent news and Christie's or the rest that you’d upload to that. >> Yeah, I feel at's precisely it will have a look at it there. We would possibly have a look at iin environmental efficiency as You recognize, it offers us a pair classes that we will assess one thing like that or one thing isn't web asset in a approach that doesn't slightly have compatibility.

We need to make certain that captured. OK, I' say mavens have dontheir accountability. >> I simply need to I'm sorry to step on that for only a 2nd. I simply need to point out to all the board contributors >> that have been taking notes that we're we're shooting your feedback you understand, a few of our solutions have been answering you at this time within the second, doing our bestBut in reality, those are going to be chewed on why the venture workforce in order that what you're presenting to us as of late is a place to begin and also you're planted seeds and so I simply you understand, that I'm, you understand, our solution.

G the best possible we will now and again with out its swish as we'd love to be saking for myself. however those are are taking be aware since I simply need you to be conscious about that as neatly. >> K. Thanks, Mister. Shut. Some other board member questions, feedback or instructions to workforce relating to the analysis standards? Very excellent. Let's mo into the 4th merchandise, which is the learn about method. >> simply need to point out one factor originally. There hasn't been sufficient and since such a lot of this has been round getting enter from all the dierent stakeholde. Therhasn't been enou time to if truth be told set t with this. What every of the standards will have its The you understand, if is a one via 5 rating. So, you know, we don't have it as advantageous tuned, however we can see that with the learn about when comes again out West with the findings. So that you're getting a normal sense of this. So we're in reality fascinated about any enter that you will have on this, however we don't but have that Matrix totally fleshed >> OK, thanks.

Roughly tailing f of board Wright's feedback. I feel the multi receive advantages criterion is is at best possible, no longer low however that's my opinion. The remainder of them, I suppose, glance, advantageous. >> And suppose you such a lot for that point take a look at. And I will point out that once we paintings having a look at those excessive medium and occasional, considered one of our woies is whether or not that's the proper terminology. Truly what it simply method is it's no longer that it's a low precedence. It's simply that it's rating. If it rankings a 5, that combat gained't be slightly as I slightly as a lot weight incident 5 and price effectiveness. So once more, that Matrix goes to get fleshed out. However thanks for that level.

Are group and our water touching at and the similar factor within the staples. Similar factor that those the weighting components week. You knowt. It appears to be like likeomething is a lo precedence and at's no longer aim. However we haven't felt love to all. >> No, I wasn't. I wasn't in katyn that I assumed it being a low precedence. I simply suppose the best way that must be given to that attention is is medium quite tn low. On the other hand, howev, you find yourself defining it. ay. Superb. OkayOther board member questions, feedback or instructions in relation to learn about method. Board member Grable. >> Yeah, it's a e query or commentn. That got here to thoughts after the previs dialogue of as as we're provide choices and diversification and the profile and the best way that the prices of any of those might be. It captured, funded. You recognize that redistributed we need to go via from the water normally that we will't in reality do the rest me to get moderately as as I feel do as a best possible follow.

Yeah, it's simply happens to me that, you understand, I'm positive that that you’re. You’ve gotten already considered this have calculations that the whole lot is almost definitely state rules already that So forgive my However the as as for like we have inflation is taking place that. However, you understand, we had inflation untilast month of a p.c. However wages handiest grew 3%. So other people if truth be told are making. 5% closing. However then her prices are ineasing. You recognize that ere. That's clearly fairness query for eryone from the ddle magnificence, too extraordinarily prone for all of those initiatives and the way we're doing. And that's a you understand, standards and the have an effect on standards, for example, how will impt price pairs and w ese issues might be funded. Is there. Is there additionally a diversification in quest of grant investment and as used to be simply mentioned through a positive it’ll nefit initiatives that rhaps would offset doable cts that we beneath However it will must go 8 pitch.

Simply I'm simply enthusiastic about all the ones issues. As a part of that, that's all G alike. How are we able to mitite any further prices realizing that no less than proper now, other people sa5% on moderate much less buying energy. However we know these items are going incur really extensive pause as a result of there, you understand, so much of them are new venture used to be really extensive capital prices. >> Yeah. Thanks such a lot for that brd member Graybeal. It's in reality indisputably and the vanguard of the venture. Teenagers thoughts. They've talked a lot about it. And we heard from our climate workforce for stakeholder staff in our group. So >> that is in reality a vital piece and also you ca e that charge effectiveness being proper on the most sensible. You can fairness bei in there. The ones are 2 alternative ways of type of ensuring we're doing a take a look at and stability on the price of those initiatives, any of the initiatives with the proposed must move via standard budgeti press and would beeviewed through the boar Indubitably, you know, once we get to the purpose the place the overall plans prented to you, this is a coverage file and no longer essentially announcing you’ve got licensed any individual I am hoping the port does know that any evolved out of this is able to indisputably move tough the total bo to reassure you abouthat.

I suppose the opposite piece of this is investment choices are going to be important to this. And we really feel that having this plan in position makes us very just about having the ability to be shovel in a position for the nds infrastructu grants and a water provide grants a drought aid grants which can be coming down that experience already come down the pipeline and the state is promising to proceed having come down the pipeline. So having this plan in position does put us at an excellent benefit in phrases of getting fought thrgh all the choices, weighing them, prioritizing them and then making some normal estimate that what we predict it's going to take to try this venture. d then finally, some of the bigger initiatives initiatives that might produce extra water through the years. It will be dearer. That provides us a excellent 10, 15 years of making plans and saving up cash through the years for the ones types of initiatives and working out investment methods for initiatives that may wish a really extensive amount of cash.

And likewise having investment in faces may just a design segment. It b type of thg. So the place are we d implementable items for higher initiatives Christie. I know investment is a part of what's to your thoughts as neatly with this paintings. Do you need to the touch to that? To speak to that? >>I feel wt we're what we're doing to is attempting to understd w that matches in charge We wish tcompare apples to apples, however you will have a venture that's dear, however very amusing.

Double. Simply need to make certain that we don't throw the rest out or discredit one thing that that could be gh knowsome investment how we incorporate dot someplace, the place no longer having the ones discussions with our investment workforce. And with our venture workforce internally to ensure that we're shooting the ones sides in in some way wherein that may have compatibility into thanalysis right here and in addition having a look at what's in the market and proceed to take a look at that and time, you know, pull other inude you be in a position toccess the ones as you'reoing via. mentioned it's. >> One thing upload to that that in reality sparked one thing in me as anyone who has carried out for state investment in more than a few sectors ahead of it sort of feels to me that your method celebration meets the rit right here for plenty of of the ones programs to the vernor's place of work of, you know, taking part in in analysis and resiliency and that lots of the ones amusing the water bucket. I know they require. I feel probly every a type of classes. And also you're rht, herein method. I don't th procedure, is there any that paintings now on this procedure and that, you understand, places us in a a lot better place draw down the ones grants to be competite with the 52 counties.

D, you understand, town, I feel you board in a position to it nice. Nice remark. Truly respect that. It's no longer one thing have been on my thoughts in time. >> are you able to communicate out she's were given a workforce that's roughly having a look on the investment so that they can stay that during thoughts as neatly. In case there’s a standards and that speaks additionally to fairness and this leave out. Are you able to communicate about, you understand, it is a massive factor around the state of having the ability to display that we've checked out that That indisputably places us in a excellent place. However perhaps there are others that don't smartly have compatibility beneath considered one of artwork. You recognize, I simply I you almost certainly don'temember, however we began with 16 standards. we’ve a bit bit and we'll the record. And it used to be in reality with the assistance of the water workforce and the stakeholder staff and me group enter, however alsthe experience of would incur an we're in a position to roughly make certain that we didn't use any the ones however clump them in ways in which used to be extra significant.

But when there's the rest lacking, I suppose that's a in reality excellent level. We must know what it and spot if we will incorporate Chk out. And if I ma >> I'm simply based on boarmember Graybeal. Thank you for the good comments. will permit you to know that I’ve been running with the water Division workforce to place our initiatives as best possible we will. That's one thing I've been stressing during the last coue ofyears. So we've been having a look at upcoming pjects, having them be whether or not it's for doable investment, federal investment alternatives or state investment alternatives. And I suppose as a result of we’ve been doing that and having a look at that, we’ve been scessful cently. We we did obtain 19.4 million buck have been to for long term sewer initiatives as neatly as a 1.5 million buck earmark on this yr's state finances.

So we we in reality have been actively lookat choice investment and choices for all initiatives and will dso for this Because the learn about is going via as neatly. >> Thanks. Some other board path or enter at the stdology? Proper. I thk that concludes this merchandise once more. Mister Shut, thanks such a lot for the presentation and MS you and your your colleagues as neatly. Glance ahead to additional updates as we transfer nearer to with a bit of luck having known some initiatives that we will to assist with our water riliency.

So that may take care our learn about consultation. Subsequent merchandise is the mins approval. There’s one small alternate at the mins 're going their Were given a promotion, I assume, to assistant town supervisor. So we're going to modify that to Assistant Town lawyer. And with that vary the mins for December. fifteenth might be licensed as amended and injured. Will take public feedback at the mites approval. He used to be to make a touch upon merchandise 4.1, carry your hand or >> famous person 9. Now we have any individual. >> Take a look at. And there's no one on zoom wishing to offer public remark nor in council chamber. >>ll proper. Thank u. That will maintain the mins. Will now transfer to merchandise 5.1 director Burke. >> Thanks. Chair governor contributors of the board merchandise 5.1 is our water and recycle water provide replace and making as of late's presentation might be our deputy director water assets. Peter Martin and our deputy director water reuse my pals. >> Thank you for the For sure. Take a look at the numbers. Th What a distinction a month makes or worse through a celebrity having a look slightly a bit of from closing time get replace.

Get to a stroll via probably the most associated with storms we've had December and communicate a bit bit there have been thingsoing with So subsequent So the present garage, in contrast to the ones very is ready 9,300 acre toes. No labs are larger considerably, as you casee from that black line overdue December. And on January, 1st, ahead of began leasing a little bit extra water, the retailer's ovals hovered round 6,000 acre via more than a few hire revamped the previous couple of weeks. He's wanted exceed the brink. If you happen to recall of four there for a >> Associated with through for on December twenty seventh. move the threshold of 36,000 and the ones very and because then they've been sending a forty five cubic toes consistent with 2nd to the East Fork of the Russian River above, like Muncy know this is up fm about 10 cubic consistent with 2nd consistent with theivariants. once more, they're again to norma working prerequisites that 45 cubic toes consistent with 2nd is clearly an overly small magnitude in comparison to the UN go with the flow entering Lake Mendocino, which is able to duvet in the .

So in reality the giant tale heres that when severe storms, we've had on December. 26 Lake Mendocino went into their day encroached into the flood regulate pool on January. eighth imply that some water and over the operations selections for releases from Lake Mendocino. At that you just know, starting this Monday there used to be a press unlock put out, but it surely's it's Military Corps began making highlow rentals between about 2003 1000 cubic consistent with 2nd taking good thing about this lull of the storms we've had in receiving excessive flows in the principle stem of the Russian River. Clearly, the choices have been made to grasp again the for a bit and so as to not contribu doable flooding downstream, you understand, and they're having a look at those forecasts very intently and clearly their their function now is to control relaxation for some way offer protection to the protection of the am citizens and the relaxation oer integrity It' possle, you understand, with some of the what are long term, whether or not scariest that extra influx of the remainder have been may just be coming. However at this time they have began drawing it down of that is in reality the primary time 2019, aost 4 years that the Military Corps a pleasant little to be able to arrange the emerging lake ranges.

And Mike Mussina. So slightly stark distinction dealt with the closing a couple of years, a very low rainfall. Present tale simply aut 87,000 acre toes. Th is down from a this You recognize, once more, that they get started make early the height closing week and used to be about 96,000 acres, warmth that is in reality about greater than 20,000 acre toes above their goal garage curve r this time of yr. And the releas on the second are about 2000 cubic consistent with 2nd. It they usually're drawing know that reservoir slowly and ceaselessly over the previous few days. Subsequent slide.

So right here's the place our genuine excitementbegins. no longer so much extra smiles across the place of work. we underneath I feel 96,000 acre in any case of December. And since thers been an building up of or 135 simply in that point. So garage and prefer is nows of as of late at 232,000, 700 Acre Toes. And the flood regulate denoted through that dotted line. The good guiding principle on this graphic is at 245,0 acre toes. So in reality there's some with addional storms. Doubtlessly within the subsequent month or so the place lets see garage probably exceeding that point. So in reality simply some nice information right here in phrases our fortunes in reality turning regional water and the probability of a extra ample water provides this yr, particularly popping out of the deficits we've closing yr's.

You're the place? So in the event you move the xt slideI simply need to put this up and in reality simply my hope used to be to turn those numbers and that. It's no longer you understand, the quantity of rainfall. Of direction, it's that the timing of when it comes of it. And you we're mindful, Lance to, of you understand, this time closing in reality just about the place we have been when it comes to rainfall and Santa Rosa.

However in the event you recall. were given a ton of water, I imagine shut 1 Octor. After which it simply stopped throughout. And so when you get those occasions for you were given a number of weeks of stable rainfall atmospheric rivers, it didn't in reality upload as much as a lo it's in reality fascinating. am a h nice at this time. It's very most probably, even though, you know, with a bit of luck above moderate t yr. However at this maximum I’ve to do you get a bit drying out tree. After all. So subsequent mild. So Iust need to communicate a bit bit thoperations beneath the flood regulate and the alternatives listen that some water has a three 0 and a few with the Military Cor. Yoknow, as I discussed previous, January eighth, the Military Corps took over regulate and is now making selections and the releases from Lake Mendocino. However a couple of years in the past via there. some waters that th in a position toprove forecasting fa rez have been operions and nook we see the authorization for a main deviation from the flood regulate curve. Line and retain as much as 11,650 acre above the flood regulate pool. y know, that is for the Warriors 2021 to 26.

They’ve is authorizations for five years piece love to occur proper away. However however the storms, as you’ll see d a lead to further of news being allowed in Lake Mendocino a very quickly when it comes to Lake Sonoma. Additionally they have must they move about that threshold and authorization for an further 90 50 February. fifteenth. After which after that 15 to Ken Starr tale about every other consistent with day as much as a most of March. 1st of 19,000 acre toes. So and in reality, those are alternatives right here pull serve as water provides and and so totally, you understand, we'll proceed to look a few of these occasions proceed and progressing out into the spring, you understand, with self assurance from the Military Corps, they’ve the ones selections for via some forecast for operations, in reality so that you could make selections that thecan save a few of that water you understand, they’ve the chance right here, probably save as much as every other 31,000 acre toes of garage between the as a power.

Subsequent slide. sick proceeding to our consvation. So, you understand, the top of the town stays in degree 3 or kind contingency plan you understand, in December closing monthseveral did duce their waterse through about 7% in comparison to Dember 2020. And from that timehat the declarmade, 're used scale back 18% when in comparison to 22. Subsequent sde. So you understand, this this in reality is going to the paintings that the workforce are doing and that, yeahAnd we we we’ve constructed an overly versatile outreh plan to handle prerequisites asa alternate alternate d you still, you understand, communicate to their shoppers in a significant approach about making possible choices e second proper thingsre in reality having a look certain in time period our forecasted have been cut up outlook. We're coornating with the regional companions and some wer, after all, the governor's government order does stay in impact. It does specify that water utilities want to put in force a specif movements which can be constent with the shores point of as much as 20% relying upon what's going at the area. So that you realize it neatly, no longer essentially particular goal.

There are some necessities that want to stay in position. So we're having a look at that factor had of what that appears like. However in this day and age, after all, we stay enthusiastic about saving water indoors this iciness, our speaking to parents discovering and solving leaks and swapping out the ones photos of their house. after all, we’re proceeding andill proceed to plot for a number of occasions. Some funhings occurring he the following few on into 2 spring. So, yeah, simply keep tuned. that is clearly an overly dynamic state of affairs. Somewhat a bit of has modified the closing weeks. And that concludes my pernal and surrender to Deputy director my pals. >> afternoon shared alum and contributors of the board need contact base on a lot of sides of a regional ree operations. What y see in the display screen at this time is a picture of the plan taken no longer that lengthy As I feel you're almost definitely already mindful that going to focus on that does I'd transcend its banks throughout sure prerequisites. And when it does it will possibly flood the plant. What you notice is an aeal picture that th display flooding on the plant that passed off on nuary evening.

At the very backside of the picture simply left of heart the bridge. I've gained a street over the to Santa Rosa proper close to en the water carrier presently used to be perhaps a bit greater than a foot above the deck floor. The bridge deck floor simply displays the overall the plan and the plansite itself slopes extra closing the south-southwest. In order that's the place the principle front normally is. And susceptible to Thankfully, this flooding wasn't as unhealthy as we’ve noticed previously. Subsequent slide. Please. That is every other view from the complete opposite path that displays the internal, the plant and flood water can arise into the planI've every other slide that I'llhow later.

That ows me of brief fld options in motion. However you can see we get even at this degree we noticed which I feel used to be within the neighborhood of 86 toes at o really extensive flooding into plant. Now we have sn worse in e In particular 2006 involves However this we noticed this coming, you may say, and I'm satisfied that it wasn't worse than it used to be.

Subsequent slide. We used a choice of other gear to are expecting how issues are going to on the plant. Phrases of fld waters and if truth be told flows to the useful resource, a pleasant beautiful often the middle for Western climate and water extremes Atmospheric Rive foresting a website online subsequent slide. Please. Along with being I suppose perhaps probably the most colourful I web pages that I’m going to. That is if truth be told very useful when it comes to us whethe or n e might see an atmospheririver it's reasonably difficult. I'm no longer going to undergo the entire main points. The slide with you. magenta horizontal line is from more or less the latitude of Santa Rosa. The extra pink, the blobs are the extra intense. The rain is the place the extra sure bet that there’s. There is a water delivery happening within the surroundings day 0. Is that the best hand aspect of essentially the most colourful porti of display screen there? And it gs out 16 days. I need to draw your consideration to blue lips round the chance of it. I feel it's built-in vapor delivery 150 kilogrper meter seconds. One thing like that. Attention-grabbing gadgets, you can alter that and spot the place there's upper depth storms embedded inside of what you notice there.

And so subsequent slide. Whilst you alter to a upper intse concern, upper focus ofor. You’ll see wre there are extra intense storms embedded typically area the place we be expecting to look rain this. This is solely one thing that we use beautiful often to look what roughly typhoon weto It's considered one of a number of gear that we useery only a ball. I will say this. This web page that I’m going to that used to be proven on the slides few websites previous has simply an enormous array of other sort graphical presentaons of the way atmospheririvers are forecasted. It's very for me. It's a bit bit that may throughout I don't perceive all of the however they're very fascinating.

In most cases beautiful constant. I've been the usage of this for a few years now. So anyway, one thing you might have considered trying to take have a look at yourselv and I am getting to you're with subsequent slide. We glance very information have been the Stony level street movement gauge for having a look Santa Rosa. What you notice ahead of i the is blue tnd which displays prerequisites previous to the date this used to be revealed. I suppose that is January fifth. When I used to be taking this excerpt after which the pink dated to the best that that displays you the forecast. It does get dated, depend often. However once we do see the forecast movement gauge, move 85 toes and into that crimson or salmon colour area, we in reality do begin to make arrangements mitigate any doable flooding on the plant. Subsequent slide. So what you see in ont of you at this time is an image I took once we have been getting in a position for some flooding of what we consult with as trademark identify, a Tiger m, which is an inflatable Blatter that you just with water. We if truth be told use recycled water to dam parts of plant get entry to.

And you’ll see on both finish of this drained there concrete blocks. We an array of concrete blocks of more than a few places that the tied in combination to offer a restricted quantity of flood coverage within the tournament of flooding. However we will't have the ones concrete blocks block get entry to. And that's whwe instl brief it dams that if truth be told appeared to paintings for reasonably neatly. I will be able to indicate in simply to the best of the center of the picture, you’ll see a boxy having a look characteristic at the back of the yield signal that electric apparatus. And there's numerous we on the planthat is susceptible to flooding that we do need to We are making plans an overly flood berm venture across the plant as all that may prot excessive capability them the tiger in concrete block wall that I'm discussing. However the electric apparatus is is susceptible to flooding on the plant. So I feel this image roughly demonstrates slightly a subsequent slide.

That is what they glance le once they're crammed up weave numbers workforce in the {photograph}, if truth be told choice of w workforce as neatly. Satisfied to look that. I'm satisfied that that they had a coaching alternative. I'm you'll see a little little bit of water Condit. I'm at the proper hand aspect of the {photograph} once we set up those tire dams, standard draige patterns on the plant are disrupted. So there will also be us that a point of accumulation throughout the secure space, the realm secure through the flood wall, the tire dams that will get pumped out of the typhoon drain Subsequent slide. And that is what it appeared like on January 9.The Tiger dams if truth be told holdin again water it wasn't vital quantity of water. We will be able to't are expecting precisely how deep the water gets.

thankfully, we did have a drained and deployed. I don't know precisely how in depth the if truth be told have very harm in more than a few that we the purpose when we see flooding prerequisites have been solid. Nevertheless, I suppose it's roughly an fascinating collection of pictures to turn you. How are Transient flood mitigation device works and the way it's labored just lately. Subsequent slide.

It is a an aerial picture and footnote. I need to simply give credit score to Christian Williams are remedies superintendent has a drum and he took the entire aerial pictures on this presentation as of late. So thank you to Chrisan for that. Butou can see within the Circle space, the Tiger Dam that Ias simply appearing you and and the impact that it's having at the migration of flood water against electric apparatus. So beautiful nice instance of a brief flood need motion. And nice standpoint with the aeri for my part. Subsequent slide. Shifting on. They we’ve needed to navigate a couple of other problems and you’ll have noticed a a piece of writing within the newspaper just lately about specific a rock slide that passed off on Pine Flat Highway that offered an issue for a couple of minutes we couldn't get any automobiles via that space.

Snow County used to be in a position to probably the most particles out of approach in order that weast one lane open. However rainy climate. Smartly, it's nice for water provide state of affairs. does provide another demanding situations akin to what you notice on this picture. I if truth be told suppose the higher boulder within the again is a almost definitely two times the dimensions of full-size pickup I might danger a bet on how a lot it weighs.

Nevertheless it's almost definitely extra than maximum building apparatus may just transfer fascinating. Pine Flat Highway. The explanation I bringthat up, I'm positive you're neatly mindful geysers pipeline is going up. ns of we’ve 3 very significa pu that we get entry to. Now we have Pine flat This actual rock slidwas down close to the ground of my flat street south. We quickly had no get entry to to a few high-pssure pump stations on the Geysers pipene. We di't want to get somwork achieved, if truth be told. So it used to be very fortuitous that the county used to be in a position to filter the lane and we're in a position to get perform a little paintings on a few pops in a while after this picture used to be taken. Subsequent. Slide. So it is a chart that proven you within the previous hanging a recycled water manufacturing at in remedy, plant into context.

This isn’t been up to date via January, reduce up per thirty days. However I'm I'm having a look ahead to appearing this to you once we do have an up to date subsequent closing yr isn’t represented through the road pink dots. And the present yr is the black line that is going via December simply places issues into context. The darker blue line is our moderate 1986 to it 21. And then that this spaghet like the Ryan threw jusall of combination curves for I years between 86 2021. subsequent slide. Our present recycle water garage ranges are excessive. The pink line represts the garage development r this yr and garage as of at this time is simply above 1.1 billion gallons closing yr's represented through the black development, which I feel I've des use as neatly previously, the brackets mild blue Trans minimums and maximums simply bracket.

The vary that we measured over the years. So you’ll see at this time recycle water garage ranges are breakg for this time of yr. I feel greater than 180% standard for this time of This is relative to our moderate from 2014, 2022, I'm simply frightened {that a} display you ways issues can ange swiftly. alternate very swiftly in October of 2021, u can see only for November the place we had an overly vital typhoon, the elevator garage ranges very all of a sudden. And what we've been experiencing extra just lately has only a constant a parade of stms coming via in raising are recycled water garage ranges I mainly since about Christmas, I might say subsequent slide.

It is a abstract. I suppose I might display you since we've now were given a calculated and first bpu assembly. I feel that I've been in a position to provide this to you for 2022, our guys supply used to be 91 simply over We have a 90% mimum requirement. Which we all the time really feel 2021, we're at 95%. And the information on that chart is going again to 2017. we're turning in our contract fireman and stay your tales vels excessive as a results of eping that complete so a lot with reference to That is fresh information that I sought after to provide you with subsequent slide.

As a results of our excessive recycle water srage We didn' start the release the day before today. This photos mainly simply to place it spatial context, if you’re going to, the pink Circle on the backside of this aerial picture is the place the league within the remedy plant is the the blue segmented line is referee Freeway 12. The Yellow Circle is the place Municipal Carrier amenities are at 69 beginning circle and the Crimson Circle is al delta ponds diffusers. That's the place we discharge from the device. Most often this is if truth be told a manifold underneath Middle is a creek that has dot invoice, very a big rubber duck invoice, chk valves that permit water to depart dealt uponnd discharging to diffuse way into the creek. And that didn't start the day before today. And it’s proceeding as of late and will proceed as flows within the creek I simply were given an replace throughout t assembly thatour drift price ght now could be 55 million gallons an afternoon of this rate at this time.

Subsequent slide. That is necessarily only a very simplistic review of the release procedure. Some easy issues to make. Its brought on through wet The wet climate usually elevates ministry implants flows and due to this fact the quantity ever aspect or that we produce on a day by day Now we have noticed flows just about 50 million gallons a day just lately. Those excessive flurries to the remedy plant translate into excessive garage ranges in combination, recycle water garage time device. In the meantime, we’re working the geysers operion at necessarily complete capability as much as 18 million gallona day. So there's a building up tales point a results of the minus the geysers drift price. And naturally, at this time, there's no taking place. Differently that might be a call for at the device akin to happens throughout the summer time. Anyw, the method is reasonably directly There's numerous workforce that is going into it it’s a bit anxious for workforce no longer one thing we generally do. It. There's a a bit little bit of that logistical problem to get the whole lot dialed in simply best for you a discharge. However however, we track receiving water amount and high quality in Santa Rosa Creek at the desire aspect bridge necessarily after which close to the place fuse are if truth be told exists, simply upstream from in Santa Ro.

We track drift temperature, pH turbidity and dissolved in recent years. Dissolved oxygen has and be a restricting issue on discharge however primarily based on that information, we calculate th most allowable discharge drift price. As in comparison to our recycle water high quality in act upon. Ice generally totally automatic with information songs which can be tools water, qlity information america movement video games, information with all that automatic their real-time changes 1000 positions on the manifold of the release that and simply the drift to satisfy set issues and no longer exceed the most alloble discharge drift price. I need to pressure that that is tertiary handled this inf this infrecycled water. Every so often other people will try to spin issues That is it is a extraordinarily top quality recite that we ore our tales. Ponds and all of the procedure that we observe via this rate is in keeping with an overly particular necessities in our in PPE S discharge allow. Subsequent slide. I assumed it will be an invaluable to turn you a development of our fresh ancient discharge as I thi you you might already be evolved very neatly mindful. We don't generally discharged from our We do infrequently.

And I this this development displays that that slightly obviously we do have some ars the place we’ve vital discharged in 2016 to 2017. We discharged over 1.2 billion discharge ise don't have countless garage Our garage capability is proscribed to one.4 billion gallons, which is represented through phrases on a line at the tales development that I've proven you on this presentation prior to now. this time of yr when within the neighborhood of couple 100 million gallons of our max and storagcapacity. Now we have to make selections to It's it's now and again a bit irritating to look that I valued commodity of recycled water having to depart the device. However we’ve to as a result of we’ve a restrict on how a lot a tale in finding. We have. used to be 2018, 2019 with a couple of years 0 discharges since that point.

Subsequent slide. So I sought after recapitulate the fashion that I simply confirmed y previous. Once more, thwords all wind motion, garage capability and as a substitute of the black line representing closing yr, I pulled up considered one of our best possible discharge. Right here's a be aware since 2016, 2017. So what you notice in thpurple and is the impact of discharge our garage. Her. I once we discharge you produce a carrier act whose development at some point of When y see the garage ranges declining, that's once we're having discharge that exceeds our manufacturing price at the treatmenplant.

After which we close the release process the place taper it such that the flurry the plan the release him out. Then you’ll see the place we’ve will increase in garage and the time period this is incessantly used to th roughly discharge phenomenon is episodic discharge development. And that manifests itself. As as you’ll see, there used to be kind people must development in garage development through the years. So we breaking garage information proper now. I if truth be told noticed replace of this chart simply as of late and the pink line grew to become horizontally. So our discharge drift price is is equal to the plant plus, the utilization as neatly. In order that curve is flattened Nevertheless it's handiest been a there, too. So there's numerous information see simply but. subsequent slide.I feel that's all I’ve for as of late.

Satisfied to reply to questions. >> Thanks to each deputy administrators board member questions or feedback. you're doing. >> I I’ve a query about yo you discussed, however we track once we discharge, you integrated drift temperature, pH turbidity and dissolved oxygen. We measure phosphorus. >> I sure, we do. As a result of we we eat phosphor press when we dischge as a result of there may be core boss for heart >> Yh, that used to be query, in reality? Are we going to be the usage of a few of our credit as a sult of this discharge? That used to be my query. I imagine K. The board member questions or feedback. All proper. We'll now take public feedback on merchandise. 5.1. If you happen to want to make a remark by way of zoom, please carry your hand. >> down in by way of phone. Please dial famous person 9 to boost your hand. Secretary Mattis. >> Positive, there aren’t any palms being raised by way of zoom and no one in council chamber offering public remark.

>>hank you. That may conclude merchandise 5.1 will now transfer to merchandise 5.2 director Burke. >> Thanks very a lot, and contributors of the board merchandise. is our U.S. EPA lead an copper rule revision, implementation. And Tony, on this, our water high quality manager might be making the presentation. >> One second whilst we recommend Tony to panelist. I do see Tony, at the panelists. It could actually flip your digital camera on in ready to >> OK, you may listen. We see you. Thanks. We've were given you k. Thanks, Director and g Galvin contributors of the board right here as of late to present a short lived replace pa's revised been >> Subsequent ide, please. copper are naturally discovered during thent, however extra commonlycopper presented into wat provide let carrier lead. They began joints and family fixtures. Arising, a does have a most contaminant point function comparable mentioned as 0. Andespite the factthat used to be section countr wi the distribution device, the purpose compliance for convention if truth be told needed to shoppers Subsequent slide.

Please K. So this representation displays supply of leadhere can be present in family if we get started the ttom, you’ve got your Water primary water line and you will have a goose neck. And you will have a lead carrier line. There’s galvanized pipe during the home ich can be thought to be, landed its downstream from a lead carrier line. You’ll have misplaced its are fixtures which can be excessive in lead content material after which copper pie, which is put in combination with lead Solder. Subsequent slide. Please. So we'll return a a have a look at when the lead and copper rule used to be established in 1991. It all started with the samplingnd 6 month durations from 100 houses if the samples brought on motion ranges, water provides must determine corrosion remedy scale back lead focus underneath a However at the different ha, consecutive sampling occasions have been underneath the ninetieth percentile motion ranges. It’s essential to be to sampling to every year. And to coaching, sampling wch the place Santa Rosa is as of late. Subsequent slide. Pase. K. So we'll start what used to be California SP 13? 98 and for 27.

So when that state requed water provides to mpile a listing of all its services and products within the distribution device that on the publ aspect now, which is mainly divined that outlined as the relationship from the water primary as much as the water meter for the valuables line. Middle to serve within the device Subsequent sli. Please. Check out to not 1940. It used to be commonplace to and it does want to dedicate provoke carrier to the water primary. However our pastave proven that solid.

Iean, we're if truth be told hooked up the usage of cov subject matter. And so far as result of our stock to date know that Houston connections were discovered. Subsequent slide. Please. So we're going to shift gears a bit bit advert trying out for schoo and incompany Meeting Invoice 7.46. required watched tries to habits lead trying out in public faculties that we're a Ok via 12 previous to 2010.

Sampling used to be finished through Santa Rosa. Conflict and effects have been made public. The notifications to colleges and in addition in the once a year water high quality file. be 23 70 in a while with kid care amenities and pointed you. Personal trying out of lead in consuming water and that used to be required to be achieved. He did through January first this yr. Subsequent slide, please. paintings has been achieved to reduce the lead in drinkinwater therstill numerous lead services and products during the U.S.. I'm right here. You’ll see that California has what they are saying roughly about 65,000. Let servicesif you have a look at Illinois, they’ve about 730,000 lab services and products with a few third of California's populati. With that possibility that those reside services and products nonetheless drives the EPA to additional reinforce the rule of thumb. lide. Please. Informed me with a brand new revisions to the which will have to be met through October. 24 artists, construction lead carrier line within the Tory. Determine all faculties and childcare amenities.

Broaden enhanced public conversation after which in addition to different changesn the different of the teenagers, Florida and copper. And we'll dive into just a bit bit extra. Subsequent slide. Please. With this new relating to carrier traces. The PA defines carrier line has no longer handiest the general public aspect as mentioned prior to now, however in addition to the personal aspect of the carrier to the place solution's construction. Subsequent slide. Please. And so far as our compliance technique for the carrier line and the Tory, we’ve already eradicated spaces constructed 1948. With paperwork discovered building requirements. How a door from that yr which permit for the usage of cper floor fabrics.

Group of workers has already started to serving the map and spaces constructed previous to 1948. you intend to finish file through the closing date to make the ones findings availab on our town's websiteAnd finally, I’ve a technique for inrming the general public. If personal lead carrier traces are discovered that require substitute. Subsequent slide. Please. So now beneath the brand new law forlead trying out, water provides might be required to do trying out of 20% of all faculties. Now, those come with public personal constitution secondary faculties and care amenities with effects to be shared with the ones amenities in addition to with the state.

Subsequent slide, please. In our technique for compliance will be to primary, assemble a record of the towns through October of 2024. starting mentioned Newman afte2025. We suggest the lis least each 5 years. Simply further staffing and in addition simply overview any assets are wanted. We will be able to supply a well timed and correct Subsequent slide. with thedditional else compliance we plan to expand inside coordination pls, a leader compliance with new sampling protocols through 2025. Replace the well being results language for public schooling in addition to bettering our outreach content material. in any case, simply turning the faions will be required for services and products after compiling this information.

And I imagine that can be subsequent slide. Sure, have a tendency of my esentati However I'll ensure comeere to reply to any questions. Thanks. Mister Thomas unfolded for any board memberuestions or feedback. >> Chairman Tony, I handiest commonplace used to be it used to be transient and we respect briefed It's a ke u gave us. Thanks. >> All proper. I don't see any palms worries from the board. All open it up for public feedback on merchandise. 5.2. >> It used to be to make public remark please carry your hand in the event you're downn by way of phone. Please dial famous person 9 to boost year hand. 2d super. >> Take a look at. And there aren’t any public feedback from zoom and then from council chamber. >> Excellent will now transfer to the consent calendar.

Now we have 2 pieces at the consent calendar entertain a movement. >> Transfer that every one strikes in I'll 2nd that. >> K. Now we have a movement a 2nd to approve the consent calendar will open up for public feedback at the consent agen. If you want to make a remark by way of zoomplease carry your hand. down in by way of phone. Please dial famous person 9 to rse your hand. A person is. >> There aren’t any public feedback from zoom in and from council chamber.

>> Thank Now we have a roll name vote. Please. We're going to proper. Board member Watts. However beneath Walsh. Be mindful Grable. Board member Vice chair identified E I checkout amusing. All proper. Let the file display this movement passes with 5 affirmative votes. >> Thanks. That may take care of the consent calendar. We don’t have any file pieces. Merchandise 8 is publicomments on non agendaatters. We're now taking public feedback on merchandise 8. If you want to make a remark by way of zoom, please carry your hand as of late. London by way of phone. Please Dial famous person 9 to boost your hand.

Super. >> see millis being raised to be a zoom iand no public commentsrom council chamber. Thanks. >> We don’t have any written communications. We don’t have any subcommittee stories. Will we have any board member stories? Listening to none. We will be able to transfer to the director's file. Director Burke. >> Thanks. Chair governor contributors of the board of a couple of pieces I simply need to percentage with you as of late. First, I'm I'm more than happy to file that we've a milestone in our Inexperienced Trade program originally of this yr.

We re moved or are you rebated the elimination of our 4 million sq. foot of turf? So we've had 404 million sq. toes of turf got rid of as saving 69 milln gallons consistent with yr. we introduced this system in 2007, I will be able to. I do need to be aware that for the reason that drought proclamation in June of 2021, our shoppers have answered and greater than 400,000 Sq. toes were got rid of and changed with low water us since thstart of that emergency proclamation. I do need to simply acknowledge the devoted workforce of the water use potency workforce and their dedication to buyer carrier, in addition to our outreach in customer support groups thahave in reality assist uset the phrase out and encouragour group to take part on this We will be able to ext selection tactics quickly and encouraging other people to proceed to take part in this system.

2d, I sought after to simply recognize the water as a entire. The entire employeeof the have been amazingly resilient tough this collection of storms. I simply sought after the board to know that you’ve an excellent workforce. We don’t have any interruptions Terry sewer overflows the remedy plant used to be in a position to arrange larger quantity of water water plant and meet all remedy necessities generating recycle water that meets all of our permitequirements. The entire approach via to noware discharging as neatly asour typhoon, water and creeks groups as a result of the good method they’ve achieved on creeks. We didn't see any flooding problems on any of our This used to be an overly making an attempt time, numerous further effort that people have to place in and the water epartment has got here via and d a fabulous process and Iannot thank them enoug I additionally sought after to permit you to know that we additionally some excellent information to file on our sanitary sewer aspect 4 calendar yr 2022.

We handiest had 2 sanitary sewer overflows and to place ts into standpoint. The state water board makes use of the next a critique approach. Jen. So for numbers expenses thathey use the equation of choice of s Essos consistent with 100 miles of pipe consistent with yr. And so that you could put this in context, the state moderate for 2022 used to be 23.9 5 have been mainly 24 s Essos the reere in r one that has 70 programs, the moderate used to be a bit over 12 and a part as Essosand for Santa Rosa, our quantity is 0.3, 4 s Essos consistent with 100 miles of pipe consistent with yr.

So the workforce superb and that they do on the sanitary sewer device and the care that they’ve for that device. Places us in reality in a category above. So nice process to our native operations workforce. And then I sought after to simply remind the board of a couple of issues. One is at your subsequent assembly on February 2nd, we can be administering the oath of place of work to a pointed bpu contributors. So for people that are finishing their time period and feature been reappointed or if there's any new appointments, we'll be issuing oath of place of work BP contributors at that assembly. Additionally, you’ve got been e-mail that sought after to permit you to that we're up to date photos of board So with a bit of luck y all can attend for people that can to ow. Now we have a board member proper has informed the season to be had. We will be able to agenda yet again for you, however we wish to see with a bit of luck everybody in particular person at the February 2nd assembly get your updatepictures taken for all board contributors after which finally simply sought after to remind the board unopened telling you this a bit bit over the closing couple of conferences, however a reminder that the governor has introduced that the COVID state of emergency dearation will finish on February In order that does imply that we can return to other protocols overseeing we conform to the Brown Act.

And we're nonetheless figuring out the from the town lawyer's place of work and what the council. However we've be following the AB 2, 4, 4, 9 necessities very intently. And in essence, simply acknowledge that for the maximum section, we're going to want to be again at the first and third Thursdays of each month. For Bpu There are some exceptions and once more, we'll get that protocol out. However t to emind yo get started praring that you just nd to be again in particular person for BP contributors going ahead, beginning with the March conferences. And that’s my file. And I'm satisfied to solution any questions chances are you’ll have. Thanks. Director Burke may just do we’ve any questions from the board? >> Regards to the director's file. Alright, listening to none. We'll open it up for public feedback on merchandise 13. If you want to make a remark by way of zoom, please carry your hand. Dialing in by way of phone. Please Dial famous person 9 to boost your hand.

Secretary Mannus. >> There aren’t any palms being raised by way of zoom in and no public feedback from council chamber. >> Excellent. That concludes our schedule for as of late's assembly. Want you all. Just right afternoon and we'll see you in a pair weeks .

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