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Climate Activist Wins Laugh of the Day, and a Perfect Response by Counterprotesters to Shut Them Up – RedState


I wrote earlier about the Just Stop Oil activists who stopped traffic and even tried to disrupt the British Open.

They didn’t care if a desperate mom said she needed to get to the hospital with her baby. They didn’t care about the obvious point people were making to them, that they were increasing emissions by blocking cars. But the audience at the Open certainly cheered—when they were taken away and off the course, with the help of American golfer Billy Horschel.

Climate activists think that their beliefs trump anyone else’s beliefs, jobs, babies, or any of the other things that you might be trying to do in your car when they block you. The activists don’t seem to care or perhaps even know how important oil is to everything we do, and is likely a part of all their clothes and the accessories that they’re sporting in these videos.

Most of the activists are young people who have been taken in by this. But then, there are people like this lady. This take is something else, “The fish in the pond are dying!!!”

Good for “Constable Wilson.” What kind of warning does she expect to get? She’s blocking the road, but she claims she’s…

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