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Climate Hawk Sean Casten flew over 6,000 miles and stayed at a luxurious European hotel in order to combat global warming


Casten’s flights produced more carbon than 313,000 pounds

Rep. Sean Casten (D., Ill.)

Collin Anderson • September 24, 2022 5:00 am

Sean Casten, a Democratic Illinois congressman, flew approximately 6,000 miles to Europe and stayed in a luxurious European hotel to combat global warming. House disclosures reveal.

Casten in late August and early September accompanied the Aspen Institute on the think tank’s congressional trip to Reykjavík, Iceland, which aimed to provide members with guidance “on public policy issues as it relates to addressing energy and climate challenges,” according to the Democrat’s travel disclosures. The trip saw Casten fly business class from Chicago to Reykjavík, Iceland, and back—a trek that totals 5,888 miles and more than 313,000 pounds of carbon, given that planes on average produce 53.3 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile traveled. The Aspen Institute also provided Casten with lodging at the Grand Hotel Reykjavík—a four-star luxury hotel that includes a “beautiful spa” and “lovely candle lit lounge”—and private meals at a total cost of nearly $5,000.

Casten, known for being the “fiercest climatehawk” in Congress, stated that members of Congress have a “duty to do all we can” to help…

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