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CNN Can Stop Chris Cillizza From CNN And End Live Programming At Headline News


CNN laid off Chris Cillizza, a few reporters, and ended all live programming on CNN Headline News.

Politico reported:

CNN’s mass layoffs have claimed one cornerstone of its Washington coverage: Political analyst CHRIS CILLIZZA is among those who have been laid off from the network this week. People familiar with the matter confirmed that the decision was made, as reported first by Variety. Chris Cadelago and Eugene also confirmed it.

It is not known how many employees were laid off today. Variety reports that others were affected included correspondents ALEX FIELD (Mary Ann Fox), MARY ANN FOX and ALISON KOSIK.

Puck’s Dylan Byers reports that as a part of the cost cuts, HLN — the sister network formerly known as CNN Headline News — will “cease all live programming.”

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Cillizza is the DC king of conventional wisdom and white guy bad take for decades. Cillizza is a failure upwards so often that his last names became shorthand for bad takes on social media. Cillizza is likely to end up at The Washington Post, or another large corporate outlet in dire need for more conventional wisdom and bad punditry.

The cutting is perhaps the most damaging aspect of the CNN move…

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