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Cocaine Cover-Up? Officials Stop Looking For White House Culprit


The Secret Service announced on Thursday that it would conclude its investigation into who left cocaine at the White House over an alleged lack of evidence that would connect the illicit drug to a culprit.

A couple of weeks and supposedly no leads or fingerprints after the initial white powder White House evacuation, the government agency tasked with protecting the president and the executive mansion is abandoning its inquiry into whose baggie of blow was left in supposedly one of the most secure buildings in the nation.

“Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered,” Secret Service officials said in a statement.

This anti-climatic conclusion should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the caper since its origins on Sunday, July 2. From the beginning, the bureaucrats tasked with naming the nose candy signaled their investigation would be short-lived and produce no perp.

“Even if there were surveillance cameras, unless you were waving it around, it may not have been caught. It’s a bit of a thoroughfare. People walk by there all the time,” one unnamed law enforcement official told Politico. The headline of the…

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