Home Entertainment Colorado Supreme Court’s Trump ruling just opened ‘pandora’s box’

Colorado Supreme Court’s Trump ruling just opened ‘pandora’s box’


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Yeah, it’s what it’s like to be loved, Jamie. So scientists just confirmed there are three manmade things that can be seen from outer space. The Panama Canal, the Great Wall of China and Tyrus. Just kidding about the last one. It’s actually the towering stupidity of the Colorado Supreme Court. That’s it. Yes. Thank you. I’ll take it. It makes Pikes Peak look as flat as Joe Biden’s EKG. In a 4-3 decision, four Democrat appointed judges from the Ivy League just voted to remove Trump’s name from next year’s presidential ballot. In other words, they just endorsed him.

They just did more for his chances of becoming president than Joe And Kamala’s incompetence put together and that’s saying something. Are these four judges the only people alive who have noticed that every time the Dems use the Constitution as a snot rag, Trump’s numbers rise faster than Hunter’s heart rate after an eight ball. Maybe they really want Cher to move to Canada. Insult him, impeach him, indict him, it doesn’t matter. He’s like one of those strangulation knots that gets tighter the more you pull against it. Trump’s a Chinese finger cuff. That toy used on unsuspecting…

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