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Comedian Matt Rife Remains Unapologetic For Having A Sense Of Humor


The following is a transcript excerpt from Dr. Jordan Peterson’s conversation with comedian Matt Rife. In this segment, they discuss the criticism over Matt’s Netflix special, how he responded, and the lack of consequences for leveling an accusation. You can listen to or watch the full podcast episode on DailyWire+.

Start time: 1:01:29 

Jordan: One of the things that I have noticed repeatedly, because I have gone through repeated attempts of people trying to cancel me, is that it can be quite an intense experience when in the immediate aftermath of its occurrence and that is somewhat off-putting and destabilizing because you do not exactly know how far out it is going to spread or what the consequences could be. But if you did not do anything wrong and you do not apologize, or maybe you make light of it in some creative way, then the probability that it will turn around and flip in your direction, if you can tolerate the weight, is extremely high. Part of the reason I am bringing this up is because I do not think the people who are in the throes of being canceled understand this.

You can imagine historically, if an angry mob of 40 of your neighbors showed up on your doorstep with…

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